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Woman Meets A Guy While Playing Ludo Online, Rejects His Advances. Guy Circulates Obscene Videos Of Woman. Be Careful With What You Share Online

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We’ve seen instances like these take place time and time again. Men can’t take no for an answer, and women have to face the consequences for their fragile, injured egos. And ultimately, of course, due to the patriarchal structure of our society, the woman is blamed for his misdeeds. It’s bad enough that women can’t walk the streets of this country without having their hearts in their mouths, but now, we don’t even have a safe space online. Ill intentioned and predatory men have made what is supposed to be a place of free speech and expression, yet another means to target unsuspecting victims.

A 25-year-old woman married woman from Karjan was recently the victim of revenge porn. She befriended 23-year-old Paresh Varagiya, a farmer from Porbandar, while playing an online ludo game. They soon exchanged Instagram IDs and even contact numbers, and started video calling each other. The woman told the police that Varagiya would constantly demand video calls that weren’t necessarily decent from her, even threatening her that he would tell her husband and relatives that she was having an extra marital affair. During their conversations, he even went as far as activating her WhatsApp account on his mobile phone.

When he proposed to her a few months back, it was the last straw. The woman turned him down. This, of course, infuriated him, and he decided to circulate obscene videos and photos of her that he had taken during their calls to nurse his wounded ego. He shared these recordings among her friend groups, which he had access to through her WhatsApp account.

The woman filed a complaint against him at the Karjan police station after the lockdown was eased. Varagiya has introduced himself to the woman as ‘Kana’ when he started talking to her. On Friday, he was booked for cheating, sexual harassment, stalking, defamation, and violation of Information Technology Act.

“We have sent him for coronavirus test. Once the report turns out to be negative, we will arrest him,” said inspector A A Desai of Karjan police station.

It is shocking and shameful how often we hear about cases like this one. As a society, we need to do better. We need to stop raising our boys with a sense of entitlement over women’s bodies, and then further feeding this entitlement with films and other media.

More importantly, the world is increasingly becoming a scary place, even if you’re just playing a game online. Something as easy-going as ludo. It becomes imperative that we are careful with what we share online and who we share it with.

We’re glad this woman was brave enough to approach the police about the issue. Let’s stop shaming our survivors, and instead, let’s start encouraging them to speak out.

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