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Woman Guilty Of Killing 7 Family Members With An Axe Will Be The First Female Convict To Be Hanged In Independent India

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The consequence for a crime as ruthless and inhuman as murder shouldn’t be too hard a guess. For anyone who believes they are above the law or humanity, as they take away a life, the punishment will be fitting for the crime. And nothing, not even the criminal’s gender, is a deciding factor in the case, as we’ve seen after a woman from Uttar Pradesh gets death sentence after murdering seven of her own family members.

The details of the case that are as barbaric as it gets. A woman from Uttar Pradesh named Shabnam was found guilty of killing seven family members with an axe, back in the year 2008 with the help of her lover.

Becoming the first woman to be executed as a prisoner in the history of independent India, preparations of Shabnam’s hanging have already started, although the date of the execution is yet to be decided upon. Meerut’s Pawan Jallad has been reported to have inspected the case in Mathura.

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The hearing of this case had taken place in Amroha court and went on for nearly two years. The district judge SAA Hussaini ruled in 2010 that Shabnam and Salim should be hanged till death. This was ruled after the judge had heard 29 witnesses who were asked a total of 649 questions during the hearings.

Since then, both Allahabad court in 2010 and the Supreme Court last year decided to uphold the judgement passed by the sessions court, observing that the “finality” of death sentence is crucial, to ensure that the prisoners are not under the impression that the death penalty remains “open ended” and can be challenged all the time by them. In fact, even the President had rejected her plea for clemency.

Shabnam’s accomplice in the seven murders is in Agra Jail while she is in a jail in Bareilly. Reports also share that the rope for the hangout has been ordered from Bihar’s Buxar. Shabnam would be hung in Mathura jail and become the first female prisoner after independence to be hanged for a crime.

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