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Woman Files A Case Of Rape 27 Years After The Incident After Her Son Asks Who His Father Is

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On one hand, we are busy celebrating the women in our lives through grand gestures, inspiring captions and heart to heart confessions, where as on the other end, women are being treated as nothing more than rag dolls thrown around, used and abused. As much as it pains me to pick this story up today on account of women’s day, I feel it is important to keep ourselves aware of the reality behind the hollow promises of the society, where women are still struggling with brutal and hate crimes like rape.

Another chilling incident was brought to light today, after a woman decided to file a case of rape against her perpetrators 27 years after the incident occurred. Raped on several occasions by two men when she was as little as 12 years old, the details of this case are heavy, disturbing and mind numbing. The reason she felt convinced to do this after more than two decades is after her son asked her who his father was.

The victim shared recently with the police how 27 years ago when she was living in the city with her sister and her brother in law, a Naki Hasan of her locality had entered the house when she was alone and allegedly raped her. As per her police complaint that has been lodged by Superintendent of Police (City) Sanjay Kumar, Naki Hasan’s younger brother Guddu also raped her on multiple occasions.

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As a result, the victim ended up becoming pregnant and gave birth to a child at the age of 13 in 1994. Since she was herself a minor and a teen, her infant son was given to someone from the victim’s village Udhampur, to be taken care of. The victim then moved with her sister and her brother in law to Rampur, where her brother in law got her married to a man in Ghazipur district.

One would think, a woman who endured so much in her life was finally was at the precipice of starting over. Except, fate had something else planned. 10 years after staying married to each other, as the man found out that his wife was formerly raped, he divorced her, because well what can you expect from the shallow society that believes in victim blaming?

Meanwhile, the victim’s son came of age and inquired about his father from his mother, which is what led the victim to the police. As she told him everything, she felt encouraged to fight for herself and lodged a case of gangrape against the two brothers at the Sadar Bazar police station. The woman supposedly moved to the court after the police refused to  entertain her, and currently the boy’s DNA test result is awaited as proof.

While it sickens us to see that women continue to be exploited and raped, it is also inspiring to see that they are now stepping up to fend for themselves. It may be years and decades later, but that they find the courage to do so, is what matters. And for that, we commend her will.

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