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Woman Donates Eggs To Ex Boyfriend And Dad So They Can Have A Baby Together. Okay, I’m Weirded Out

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This is going to be a long, confusing story but stay with me. There is a woman in Manchester, who is all of 21 years old who is willing to donate her eggs to her dad and her ex boyfriend so they can have a baby together. So , to clarify, the dad and the ex boyfriend want a baby, and this woman wants to give them her eggs. Sure, it sounds like she’s extremely nice but we were also like ‘whoa, that’s one convoluted family.’

So, here’s what went down. Saffron, the girl, is the daughter of Barie Drewitt-Barlow who is one of UK’s first gay dads. When he had Saffron, a whole 21 years ago, he was with his then fiance Tony. We do not know the last name but that’s not the point anyway. Saffron is also a surrogate child.

Relationship wise, Saffron was dating Scott Hutchison who is bisexual. At some point, that relationship didn’t work out and Scott started to date Saffron’s father Barrie. Why no one sees this as disgusting or problematic is beyond me.

And it’s not like they just got together. Barrie and Scotch have been together a while and even have a baby together. That baby is their first baby. Now that Saffron has agreed to donate her eggs, they want a second baby together.

“I love Valentina, and I want to donate my eggs to help Daddy and Scott have more children. I don’t think Daddy likes the idea too much, as he’d be the biological grandparent of the child and Scott would be the biological dad, but I really want to help,” Saffron told Closer Magazine. “I’ve already frozen my eggs for them, so Daddy and Scott just have to say the word.We had fun, and Scott’s a beautiful guy, all my friends fancied him, but we were better off as friends,” she added. Okay, but isn’t it weird to call your ex boyfriend your dad?

And are there no other women you can take the eggs from? This all sounds super confusing and at some point, incestuous, but I am unable to pinpoint why it is exactly.

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