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Woman Caught Smuggling Gold On Airport Hidden Inside A Chocolate Box

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Owing to the fact that I have the biggest sweet tooth, I know names and types of chocolates like the back of my hand. Lindt? Tried all flavors. M&Ms? Been there, done that. After 8? Still got some in my refrigerator. Ferrero Rocher? Have a monthly subscription. And while all of these and more have been all great to eat, one that have been my ultimate favourite since I was a kid, are Choc Coin chocolates, that come in the shape of gold coins, wrapped in gold foil. Little did we know that the gold foil would become inspiration to smuggle real gold, for that is the crime we’ve caught a woman in.

Turns out, a woman passenger who was flying in from Dubai and landed in Mumbai was caught smuggling 481 gram of gold converted into gold foil and hidden under layers of carbon paper. The gold was hidden in a chocolate box and was coated with carbon paper to throw off any suspicion.

Apparently, she assumed that because it was a gift box and the holiday season, it wouldn’t be inspected, but seems like the stars weren’t in her favour. Her rather innovative stunt to export so much gold illegally, especially after going through the hassle of converting the gold into foil was all for nothing.

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The police explained the entire working of her plan and shared that the woman had had to puncture a hole or create a cavity, through which the foil was inserted in the sealed box.

As of now, the police in investigating if she had previously pulled similar stunts and smuggled gold illegally and if she was actually the master mind behind the entire operation. Meanwhile, we are simply taking a moment to appreciate the kind of effort or thinking that went behind orchestrating this crime!

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