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Woman Beaten Up By Her Husband When She Refused To Have Sex With Him. Lockdown or No Lockdown, This Has To Stop.

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India has a long history of domestic abuse and men treating their wives like livestock. I don’t know where this breed of absolutely hideous men comes from but they don’t seem entirely human to me. Are they a hybrid of a human and a dumpster? Could be. With the lockdown imposed, several women in our country are trapped at home with their abusive husbands who only seem to be getting more frustrated by the day. These women have no way out and won’t get those few hours of relief when their husbands would be at work. Add to that, their bruised ego of not being able to make money and aggravated anger issues, and who bears the brunt of this? Their wives!

According to a Times Now report, a woman from Bengaluru called up a women’s helpline number complaining that her husband hit her when she refused to have sex with him. This man, who owns a grocery store hasn’t opened his store since 24th March when the lockdown was announced. And for unknown, unimaginable reasons, he refuses to take a shower. He hasn’t bathed since almost a month. However, he somehow also feels his wife or anyone in this world would like to have sex with his stinky bod and an even more disgusting attitude. Apparently, their nine-year-old daughter has stopped showering too.

There are so many men like that who treat their wives like they own them and the women must just obey every word like a slave. They expect their wives to be a punching bag, a doormat with no resistance at all. And when that doesn’t happen, they turn to exert their physical power on their wives and beat them up.

The surge in domestic violence cases in India during the lockdown is significant. According to a report by Al Jazeera, India’s National Commission for Women (NCW) registered 587 domestic violence complaints between 23rd March 23 and 16th April.

In fact, according to an economist, Ashwini Deshpande’s comparative analysis of NCW data for the months of March and April this year vs last year, things have become worse. “There is already a jump in complaints related to domestic violence and the right to live with dignity, and a smaller increase in rape or attempt to rape and sexual assault,” reports Deshpande.

A spokesperson at Bembala Foundation, Bengaluru said that several women aren’t able to reach out for help. “Financial and emotional stress, hunger and unemployment (especially among the poorer sections) has in turn led to an alarming increase of violence and abuse,” they said. “This is the shadow pandemic that women and children are facing. It is a public health crisis which affects this vulnerable population psychologically and emotionally and thereby mental health. At this time we all need to join forces to say “NO” to violence, and provide various helplines to stop this shadow pandemic of violence. It is our collective social responsibility and duty as citizens to report sounds and signs of abuse and violence,” they further pointed out.

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If you or anyone you know are in need of help against domestic abuse and/or sexual assault, these helplines could be useful: Call 100 for Police, call 181 for the national women’s helpline and call Bembala Foundation at +919980660548. Stay safe!

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