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Woman Activist In Bali Dresses As A Mermaid Amidst Plastic Waste To Highlight Pollution On Indonesian Beaches

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When we think of Bali, the first and probably the last thing that comes to our minds would be the pristine beaches, the iconic cliffsides, lively bars and the thrill of staying so close to nature. And while all that is good to see and enjoy on a 10 day vacation, what most people forget, or deliberately overlook is the other side of the Indonesian Island that struggles with water pollution. A cause recently highlighted by a woman activist dressed as a mermaid, that caught all of our attention.

As the concern of tons of plastic washing up at the seaside grew, plastic waste pollution had a lot of activists worried sick, for they knew that the situation could go from bad to worse, in very little time if the negligence continued. And so, to bring the matter to everyone’s notice, a woman activist decided to employ some unlikely means, ones that indeed passed along the message.

She dressed up as a mermaid in a costume, as she lay around a pile of garbage and plastic waste, bringing awareness to the degrading situation of Indonesian beaches, in particular those in Bali. The picture of the woman laying amidst what feels like a sea of plastic waste has now gone viral, drawing a lot of concern from people on social media.

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The pictures had been captured by a Bali-based freelance photographer named Wayan Suyadnya and show Laura, the activist, and an ocean advocate from Belgium posing while laying in the trash at the Kuta Beach. And honestly, the image is too alarming to not be taken seriously.

The activist later claimed that while she was deeply worried about the state of the beach, she was overjoyed to see many people step up to volunteer for a beach clean-up. She called all those people heroes and wrote, “The community has risen up to the challenge to protect our beautiful planet.”

She also added how there needs to be more done from our end than just cleaning up the beaches, and that means stopping the manufacturing of plastic, spreading awareness and stepping up. She wrote, ““Clean ups and recycling are not the long term solution! Stop making trash and there won’t be trash! Corporations must STEP UP! The world needs you to put the environment before greed.” Her message needs to be an eye opener not just for the people of Indonesia, but for every single one of us too.

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