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Woman Accidentally Texts Her Boss A Picture Of A Champagne Bottle Moments After Lying To Him About Not Being Able Work

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Considering I have the sweetest boss ever, I haven’t ever needed to lie to get out of work. That being said, not everyone is in my position. I know people who have faked emergencies, accidents, familial deaths and even gone as far as telling their bosses they’ve tested positive for COVID. Lying to your boss is the easy part. Getting caught is embarrassing and well, risky considering you could suddenly find yourself on the unemployment line. If you’re lucky though, as this woman from Scotland who made a blunder with her boss was, you’ll just get a great story out of it.

This woman, Roberta Clark, from Drumchapel in Scotland, made a grave mistake by accidentally texting her boss a picture of a champagne bottle just moments after she’d told him she won’t be coming in for work because of the bad weather. Yikes. Although, this could happen to any of us.

You see, last Tuesday Roberta who works as an electrician told her boss she wouldn’t be able to come to work because of all the snow and plunging temperatures in Scotland. In reality, Roberta was at one of friend’s gender reveal party. Although it all went south when moments after she texted her boss and fibbed her way out of work, she sent him a picture of a champagne bottle and wrote, “dare me to pop it”. According to reports, the picture was originally meant for Roberta’s girlfriend.

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When she realised her error, Roberta quickly came clean and told her boss the truth. She replied saying, “I’m so sorry I meant to forward that on to someone else. I’m at a baby reveal I’m so sorry was not meant for you.” This is just so funny. For everything other than Roberta, of course. For her, I am sure it’s plain awkward. Although, we should remember that this is a mistake that could happen to any of us.

Surprisingly though, Roberta didn’t get fired after her massive blunder. Her boss simply replied saying he would see her tomorrow. If I as in her place though, I would never be able to look my boss in the eye again. If you’re going to lie to your boss, at least do a good job of it.

I think the takeaway from this hilarious incident is that we all check and double-check text messages before sending them. Or well, you could just not lie. But where’s the fun in that?

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