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Without Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas Looks Lost Like A Puppy In This Picture. Aww…There, There!

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There are couples who hate PDA. When in company, they will bottle up all the affection they feel at any moment, and let it out once they have privacy. Then, there are couples who believe pyaar kiya toh darna kya. They abandon any inhibitions, dousing their object of desire in all the love they can. If you lack good observation skills, let’s just say Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas fall in the latter category. At several occasions, their love has been spilled onto those around them, and if they are like me, they’d feel suffocated. And to make the reach even wider, they put up pictures and videos on their Instagram that has so much PDA that Cupid feels threatened. In fact, when they are together and Priyanka has to choose between sitting on a chair or on Nick, she’d choose Nick every single time. If there’s sunset, they will spontaneously break into a romantic dance that will probably take us regular folks weeks to learn the moves.

Sure, it’s cute and everything. But you know how you go out with couples and people are cozying up around you? And you’re just sitting there trying to find someone to chat with on WhatsApp. You’re are third wheeling and very hard at that. You’re so awkward at this point, you’d even talk to the wall. However, even the most lovey-dovey couples find themselves without their better half sometimes. Like Nick Jonas, in this case. The MTV Video Music Awards 2019 were a special event for the Jonas brothers, who performed for the first time in 11 years at the VMAs. However, what really made them want to pop the bubbly, is winning the Best Pop Award for their comeback song Sucker.

When the winners were declared, Nick’s brothers kissed their respective partners but Priyanka Chopra was missing. Pictures of that moment surfaced on Instagram and it’s written all over Nick’s face that he was missing his lady love. Aww…meanwhile, that’s my entire life – third-wheeling all the time. I feel you bro.

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Priyanka may have been MIA from this one but she had accompanied Nick on his Happiness Begins tour with the Jonas Brothers in Miami. They are just too cute to handle!


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