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With Only News Of Coronovavirus Cases Coming In From Kerala, This Video Of A Bride Dancing Her Way To Mandap Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

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We are in the middle of a full blown wedding season, and after having attended a million wedding functions of friends and family already, with another million yet to come I couldn’t help but make one observation. Every bride, who yearns to make the most of  her day, is usually always looking to make it as special as she can for herself, but ends up almost repeating the same old traditions and rituals in ways that are nothing out of the ordinary. Not like it’s bad or not special enough, there is an old school charm about it that makes you well up nonetheless, but seems like millennial brides are kicking it up a notch this year by ditching the old ways for newer and more fun ones.

One such bride, who has recently dropped some major #weddinggoals on us single ladies is Anjali, a bride from Kerala whose wedding video has become viral on the internet after she ditched the conventional style of bridal entry for one that almost made us get up and dance with her. The video that is making the rounds show the bride Anjali, waltzing in looking radiant in a bridal red saree accompanied by her flock of bridesmaids and giving a performance that put a smile on our face.

Dancing flawlessly and with a smile on her face, the bride and her posse performed on the song Malaiyiru as they made their way to the stage where the ceremony was supposed to take place. And it was this unconventional, bold and comparatively fun way of walking in that had the internet rejoicing with Anjali on her big and special day.

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Shared and reposted by a lot of netizens with captions like, “Be prepared folks. This is Year 2020. Brides will no more be shy or coy on their big days. See how a bride makes her entrance for her wedding in Cannor, Kerala,” this bride has definitely started a trend that we can’t wait to catch on to. Enough of just having your friends and family perform dance numbers on your wedding while you sit and pose incessantly for wedding album pictures, it’s about time you too enjoy your day just as much and if it means making that entry worth everyone’s while, then be it!

With over 76,000 views on Facebook where the video first appeared, then making its way to twitter and Youtube as well, the video come across as a breath of fresh air for a lot of couples out there who usually feel restricted in enjoying and making most of their own weddings.

And with Kerala being the epicentre for the outbreak of the Coronavirus in India, this has come as a happy, happy piece of news.

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