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Why Shraddha Kapoor To Play Uzma Ahmed In Her Biopic? They Could’ve Cast Someone Better

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Anyone who has been reading up or keeping a tab on the kind of films that are dropping at the box office recently would observe that biopics and incident-driven movies are the flavours of the season. Be it Deepika Padukone’s upcoming Chhapakk, the story of the acid-attack survivor or the upcoming Uzma Ahmed’s biopic, for which the producers seem to have finalized an actress we are not entirely sure about – Shraddha Kapoor.

The daughter of India, the title that was given to Uzma Ahmed, a resident from Delhi  found herself involved in a sham. She was forced to get married at gun point in one of the most remote places in Pakistan – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. What ultimately turned out to be her biggest nightmare, started with her meeting Tahir Ali in Malaysia, where according to her, he put up a façade of being in love with Uzma. Blinded by what seemed love, she accompanied him to his village in Pakistan, without reading more about the place, and was forced to get married to Tahir at gun point. If that doesn’t sound bad enough, get this. He already had a wife waiting for him there along with 4 kids.

For two years, Uzma endured the pain, abuse, threats and torture, until she tricked Tahir into going to the India High Commission where began her under the table and legal manoeuvres to get back to her home country, with the help of the external affairs minister – Sushma Swaraj.

The story, that is not just riveting but also requires a certain commitment to the role of Uzma, in our opinion has been given to an actress who by record hasn’t delivered in serious roels. Be it Shraddha’s acting in Haider or Baaghi, the actress hasn’t got us unconvinced. So naturally, when an important role such as this was doled out to her, we have our reservations. While she may have done fabulously in movies like Stree,  considering this is a serious drama, it might not be her forte.

Although, dance doesn’t seem like her forte either, but with Street dancer 3D coming up, we don’t know what to say anymore. But one thing that we would go ahead and say is that the producers could have picked up someone more apt for the role, say Alia Bhatt.

The actress, with her solid and stellar performance in both – Gully boy and Raazi, convinced everyone on the block, that it doesn’t matter what role it is, she slips into the skin of the character. Call us biased but we certainly think that any other actress with serious acting chops would have more to contribute to a movie like this than at this point Shraddha can. The actress will be paired with Saif Ali Khan, who will be seen playing a diplomat in the movie.


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