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Why Must Prohibiting Pregnancy Be A Clause In A Contract? Mandira Bedi Speaks Up

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My mother has worked as a fashion stylist in Bollywood for over 25 years. Yes, its very cool but I have seen the struggle she went through to maintain her career, the house and deal with a child (me) who didn’t make it any easier for her. She put off having me for 6 years after the wedding because she was focusing on her career. So, when Mandira Bedi says she put off having a child due to her career, I completely understand the struggle is real. It is not uncommon for working women in the to put motherhood on hold to pursue their careers. At some level, it makes complete sense. Also because, these are choices all of us make.

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At 47, Mandira looks absolutely smashing. She has never shied away from being herself and she isn’t about to start now. We love how perfectly comfortable she is in her own skin, but we are guessing that took a lot of work. Mandira debuted in India’s first ever daily soap Shanti on DD in 1994, she also starred in movies like DDLJ and Vodka Diaries. She was last seen in Shradha Kapoor starrer Saaho. She has also been a cricket announcer for 12 years and now has her own fashion line too. Phew, she clearly has a lot on her plate.

In a recent interview, she described her career as a “journey of self-exploration.” She goes on to say. “In my 20s, I was carving a space for myself in the world of entertainment. My 30s was the time that was riddled with insecurities. Now in my 40s, I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt. There is self-love, and acceptance.” It certainly sounds like an amazing place to be in.

She has also hosted many cricket matches over the years from the field as well as in the studio. She has been an announcer for the ICC World Cup, Indian Primer league and even 3 seasons of IPL for a British network. In 2010, however, she was replaced with another anchor. It made her “feel horrible” she confessed. In the same interview she said,” It took me time to accept the change and realised that I didn’t leave cricket, it was they (organisers) who moved on to somebody new.”

Being a sports presenter also meant she could not get pregnant, so she put off motherhood for almost 12 years. Shortly after leaving, she gave birth to her son Vir in 2011. She said that her contracts said she could not get pregnant during her tenure and she was terrified if she violated that clause, she would be out of work. That does not sound right, a woman should get to dictate when she wants to have a child without the fear of it ending her career.

“The entertainment business is brutal. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my husband, who has made our marriage a success.” She said.

Over the course of her career, Mandira has been presented with hurdle after hurdle but she has gathered herself and pushed forward. Her life mantra, “accept, and not expect,” is something we must all live by.

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