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If You’re Over 18 Years Old And An Indian Woman, You Must Vote. Here’s Why It’s Important

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Us Indians, are a specially curated breed. The kind that has been nurtured with entitlement and a strong blend of opinions, based on, apparently, nothing solid. So when we are handed things like the constitutional right to vote, we treat is as any other hand me down, not realising that passing along that opportunity sooner or later comes at a cost.

A time, where nothing comes to women without a fight, to throw away the right and opportunity to elect who runs the country, doesn’t just com handy but most essentially can be the answer to all the problems that plague feminism. Sitting back only to pin pick faults in the political state of affairs is not easy, it is irresponsible. And here is exactly why, we need to step up and vote :

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To Elect More Women In Office

Women have already been showing up and claiming their place in the armed forces, the skies, the corporate and creative world, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t be given a chance to run the country. Us women, need to stick up for our kind, and in words of Gandhi, ‘Be the change we so wish to see in the world’.

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To shape a better political environment for the future generations

The right to vote is raw and brazen power in our hands, that will collectively shape the future of generations to come. It is a responsibility and it could be the driver of change. Making use of it will set the foundation for our children,  and becomes not just a right, but a duty. Every action we take right now, will have a consequence that will be pivotal to any change in the political framework of our country.

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Ensure Economic Advancement For Women

During the campaigning for elections, we are enlightened about each party, each candidate’s agenda. Some build their campaigns around sanitation and housing, while some bring forward the attention needed to address issues like employment for women. We have that chance, to bring to power the kind of leaders we want and whose thinking speaks to us. And if they are talking about women, our safety, our health, we need our vote that amplifies that voice.

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Take care of women safety

Women safety, more than a matter of concern has become the golden egg for parties to add in their agenda to bring in the votes. But, we still do hold the power to pick the best among the lot and see for ourselves, which leader aims to go after what, based on the actions they are already taking, and the processes they wish to initiate. We don’t have to succumb, we have to demand, but for that, we first need to realise we are in charge. And a big step in that direction is to actually go out and vote.

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Get heard

For years, men sit at the table, making countless promises to address problems that they claim to know are troubling women. Actually, claiming they know it better than us women do. It’s time to change that and the only way to do that is by taking what is rightfully ours – power. Unless we want misogynist guys telling us what we need, we must get up, and get heard. It’s time to shape the country like we envision and let them know, who run the world – girls.


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