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Why Indian Moms Are Part Of The Problem With Indian Men!

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Indian mothers aren’t like your regular mothers. They are a whole series of memes in themselves, because they are so relatable, how you could not? They are demanding of answers, demanding of time, and demanding that you eat food. You get the drift. Which is probably why we weren’t entirely surprised when Arhhan Singh’s mother went on a massive rant against Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Arhhan Singh, who? Yes, the man is famous for being called out for littering the streets. He went on his own rant about the star couple being ‘trashy’, and for being rude and shooting him. Tell me you see the irony in him calling them ‘trashy’.

Anyway, now Arhhan Singh’s mommy took to Instagram to vent. The post with several messed up spellings, talks about how Anushka and Virat are in the wrong for not thinking about Arhhan’s safety, and that he didn’t respond to Anushka yelling at him because he has, and I quote from the post ‘decent upbringing.’

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@anushkasharma @virat.kohli The last thing we would want is to get publicity out of your cheap STUNT in the name of CLEANLINESS! You both posted a video for your fans n followers by VIOLATING Basic Rights to privacy &you shamed my son in the video as well in your post content you both may be who you are in your fields, with millions of followers & all the PR backing you… you may be payed for your campaigning or maybe doing it for sheer publicity As a mother,I would like to state that you have not only shamed my son @arhhansingh on social media by not blurring his face, but youve also exposed him to unwanted hostility…. and danger from fanatics for such a small thing that you claim he has done but have no proof of anyways ? I am concerned about my sons SAFTEY !!! how dare you crush somebody’s image/and morale and reputation and expose him to public hate, a boy who is on the verge of starting his ventures, ..just to prove what good citizens you both are to increase your fan following ?How dare you?? If you both really cared or bothered about cleanliness , then you would actively do something about all the garbage in your own lane.. you would make a noise and use your VOICE to urge the municipal authorities to take action atleast in the lane where you live,to start with, which you haven’t . Posting videos of fake bravado just to fool your followers. If your intention was genuine then you would pull over and politely correct the person for littering IF THEY DID in a decent and real manner… and not by displaying such a rude and arrogant attitude, and then posting it for the world to see! You have caused a lot of grief with your post & this is morally and humanitarianly very wrong. You may be #AnushkaSharma or #viraatkohli in your house or on screen & the field…but on the streets you are just a citizen trying to correct another… DO IT WITH KINDNESS ….fear karma . And just FYI , he did not react badly, not coz of who you both are.. we couldnt care less,but only because he has a decent upbringing ! Unlike people like you, who seem to think that you are the empowered ones to talk and treat people as you wish !

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Now, I have no qualms about people having a field day on social media. Because that’s everyday on the Internet. But let’s take a moment to understand this mom’s need to launch her own attack against Virushka. If she hadn’t, this ruckus would have died, and we would have all moved on. But no, she had to. Because as an Indian mother, mollycoddling is a must. We are working hard to raise a nation of entitled, annoying brats who behave badly. 

These people are told by those responsible for bringing them up that it’s okay if you’re an errant imp, your parents have your back. Even if you’re in the wrong. In 2016, Salman Khan made a comment about feeling like he was ‘raped’ while he prepared for Sultan. Did he apologise? No. You know who did though? Salim Khan. His dad. Salman Khan was 50 years old then. 

We never fully place the onus of actions on the children (if you can call them that) who actually say the things they say and do the things they do. They are forever protected by a shield called ‘parents’. Is it any surprise then that we have adults who cannot fully function without the crutch of their mother (and father)?

We aren’t asking people to abandon their kids and let them grope through life without their guidance. But is it too much to ask people to raise good citizens and human beings, and put them in their place when the occasion demands? 


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