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Why Does Sonakshi Sinha’s Khandaani Shafakhana Need Approval From An Offended Sexologist?

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Sonakshi Sinha’s Khandaani Shafakhana is one of the most-awaited movies, mainly because it deals with a very interesting problem. A lot has been spoken about it and rightly so. The movie depicts the journey of a woman who runs a sex clinic in India. And the reason we are really looking forward to this movie is because it takes on a subject that is considered taboo here. The movie attempts to make conversations around sex a more acceptable concept. Now it may not become a dinner-table topic, but we’re hoping it will encourage people to not keep mum about sexual issues that should be spoken about. In fact, Sonakshi revealed she too was one of those who couldn’t talk about sex openly, “I, myself, was one of those people who couldn’t talk to my family about sex. I never had that conversation with my parents because that is how we were raised. As a nation, we have been conditioned that it is not right to talk about sex. You and I are in this world because of it, so how can this topic be bad or a taboo? Why are children not educated about it in school?”

And when there’s so much positive influence we are hoping the movie will bring, can’t we leave it at that? So when a sexologist claimed that the movie is defaming him and people from his profession, we just couldn’t wrap our heads around this concept. Like honestly, men in general could have filed a defamation case against Kabir Singh for showing them in such a bad light, if we were to stick to this perspective. Fuck that, all ghosts would be collectively offended for showing them as so incapable and non-scary in Netflix’s Typewriter. However, we don’t understand how a movie trying to open a dialogue about sex is a problem to a sexologist. Now if he had watched the movie and made this claim, it would be worth giving it a thought. But since this sexologist, Vipul Abott hasn’t watched it, we wonder where this even came from.

Now, Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw asked Super Cassettes to show the film to the sexologist on July 26 so that his concerns can be addressed. While that is considerate of his sentiments, how conducive it is for the creative freedom of the film industry? Tomorrow there can be many such random defamation claims against anything.  Are the filmmakers supposed to go around catering to the tantrums of every person who cannot take things with a pinch of salt?

Earlier, the company wasn’t in favour of this move citing the reason that it would open the gates to several more people making such demands in all future cases. They wanted to show the film to Justice Endlaw alone. However, since the court wasn’t in favour of this decision, they agreed to hold a screening on July 26.

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In an interview with Mid-day, Sonakshi Sinha said, “The film is about Babita Bedi, who runs a sex clinic after she inherits it. I was surprised and wondered why they were approaching me for a film with a bold theme like this. If you see my track record, I have only done family entertainers. So, I was confused initially, but when they narrated the entire subject to me, I was floored.”

Khandaani Shafakhana is slated for release on August 2.

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