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WhatsApp’s New Feature Sounds Way Too Familiar

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Last month, we got some news that WhatsApp is testing out a new feature in Ireland and guess what, it’s now available to users all over the world. It is a feature that we’ve have been using for a while now — precisely 3 years. WhatsApp has introduced an update that has clearly been ripped off Snapchat. We can now put up a ‘story’ next to the status, which will disappear after 24 hours. Just like Snapchat stories, you can put images, videos, statuses, etc., and converse in a more interactive way with your contacts. Clearly, we really, really don’t need multiple apps now.


Whatsapp's New Feature_Hauterfly


The feature was rolled out yesterday and the founder, Jon Koum, announced it on the blog, just shy of the app’s 8th birthday, which is February 24. Once the story is up, you can directly reply to it using the reply icon. The camera will open in a separate tab, allowing you to post a story without disturbing other messages. This is certainly a big step for the app, since everyone and their cousin’s girlfriend uses the app and it is one of the core reasons we buy smartphones. What it means for other apps is the real question, but honestly, where has the originality gone?



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