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Whatever Your Politics, You’ve To Agree The Death Of Sushma Swaraj Is A Great Loss To Us. The Nation Is In Mourning

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It’s not always that you come across a politician who is so much more. Sushma Swaraj was just that. More than someone vying for your vote, she was a voice of strength and a leader. The nation has been witness to the many times that calls of help have been extended to her through a tweet when she was the External Affairs minister and she would respond. Often, the matter was taken up with urgency and resolved, much to the relief of the aggrieved party. Over time, she emerged as a true leader, one that used her power wisely and was seen as an accessible leader. And the news of her passing have come as a shock to the nation. Even as we reel from the repercussions of Article 370 being scrapped, the nation is mourning the death of a stalwart of the BJP government.

She was someone who cut across boundaries and political parties, a well-loved, respected member of the government and today, despite your political leanings, you will agree that this is a blow to India. And we have been thrown in to a state of mourning.

Several celebrities tweeted about her demise.

There were several times people reached out to her from around the world, and her conflict resolution skills will be something the nation will remember for very long. Here are some examples of the times people and citizens of the country wrote to her asking her for help and she helped them from across the world.

What a woman. What a legend. She will be missed.


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