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#AskHauterfly: ‘Breezing’ Is The New Dating Term That We Actually Need!

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By now, I can write a book on all the ‘dating terms’ that are floating around. Every day, it’s something new. But nope, I’m not complaining. It is actually fun discovering all that the millennial mind can come up with.

This time, however, it’s a little different… For once, we’ve got a nice term that all of us should take note of. Ladies, please welcome the newest member in the dating dictionary — Breezing!


What does it mean?

Not caring about any dating rules, dropping the attitude, being upfront — all feelings out in the open… basically, no f*cks given. No mind games, no waiting for ‘him’ to text first, not letting your ego dictate the relationship. Yes, unlearning everything you’ve been taught about playing the dating game. Time to be breezy!


And why do we need it?

Well, for starters, it is the mature and adult thing to do. Secondly, definite signs of a healthy mind and relationship. Sure, it won’t be as fun as decoding the hidden meanings of your partner’s simple texts or playing brutal mind games… but hey, let’s keep that for Bollywood plots. Yeah?


How to ‘Breeze’?

Be straightforward. Reply to messages instantly. Let stupid arguments go. If you have a problem, lay it on the table right away, and if you want that birthday gift, ask for it… trust me, ’em boys don’t get hints.

But this doesn’t mean you should be a doormat or always agree to what your partner says. It just means you need to be honest and kind. If you want to pay him a compliment, then go ahead and do it. Don’t wait.

Ahh… if this does take off, it will definitely be a happier and more practical world to live in. But, only IF.


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