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5 Types Of People You Meet During The Monsoon

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As a child, I’d eagerly wait for the sound of the pitter-patter on my roof and for the rainy season to fill me with happiness. But, when adulthood finally hit me, the monsoon turned into that distant relative who overstays their welcome.

Then again, my opinions about this season change every day, or maybe, every minute. On some days, I feel like digging into a good ol’ vada pav while sipping on a steaming cuppa chai, with a good book for company. And on others, I just cannot stop abusing the treacherous thunder, incessant rain and just the existence of nature in general. Yup, it’s that bad.

Everyone has their own unique feelings towards this gorgeous / not-so gorgeous weather. We narrowed it down to 5 distinct reactions that people like you and me have during this 4-month long season.

Watch the video above or check out the list below to know exactly what we mean!

1. The Foodie

People who can think of nothing but pakoras, Maggi, and hot-hot parathas as soon as it starts pouring.

2. The Angry One

The people who hate (and that’s an understatement) this weather.

3. The Diva

These are the ones who are super worried about how their hair will get ruined, and can’t stop whining about how ‘painful’ it is to carry an umbrella.

4. The MIA One

People who use the rain as an opportunity to can plans. Especially, work.

5. The Romantic

Straight out of a Bollywood movie, these people love every single thing about the monsoon.


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