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Wedding Guests In Andhra Pradesh Arrive In A Helicopter For A Grand Entry. Get Booked For Flying Without Permission Instead.

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I am all for big and grand weddings. Whether it is imagining my own or attending one, I am the kind who will not shy away from the extra but embrace it with bubbling enthusiasm. From rolling in with the baraatis, while sticking out the sunroof of a luxury car, or having pop stars perform on your wedding functions, I believe weddings are the kind of occasions that can never be too much. Everything is allowed and taken in stride. Of course I was wrong, because the ones proving it were a few guests in Andhra Pradesh, who took the wedding festivities to a whole new level, by arriving in a helicopter.

Not a luxury car, not a horse drawn carriage, but a goddamn helicopter. Without permission, no less. Giving way to the famous adage, ‘arriving in style’, this family decided to fly in for a wedding in Andhra Pradesh, except not in an airplane like most normal people, but in a helicopter. However, seems like their plan wasn’t as rock solid, for they flew right into trouble, soon as they landed.

According to the civil aviation guidelines, for one to fly in a helicopter and land it, they need to have a permission from the district authorities. Which is only fair, considering we can’t just up and leave in a helicopter, without checking with people who know better and more about the air traffic and conditions for that day.

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All the guests had was an NOC (No objection certificate) from the headmaster of a government school, where the helicopter was subsequently landed. Not merely enough to allow a group of people the permission to fly, the guests, the headmaster and the owner of the helicopter have all been booked for the violation.

Nellore Superintendent of Police (SP) Bhaskar Bhushan spoke on the matter and said, “It happened two days back. They did not take the local district administration permission before landing. Ideally they should have taken the permission.” The family in question that was flying was the family of a former aviation official from Hyderabad, and perhaps that is why assumed it would be okay to fly in without checking for protocol. The helicopter landed in the school grounds, near to Ananthasagaram mandal where the wedding was to take place.

A case under sections 280 (Rash navigation of vessel), 336 (Act endangering life or personal safety of others), 180 (Refusing to sign statement) and other relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code have been filed. So much for arriving in style, the entire family is now facing a hostile charge for breaking the rules, and flying in illegally. Guess, they should’ve stuck to the classic entry on a carriage or with a dhol…

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