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We Need A Mardaani 2 To Undo Misogynist Rubbish Like Kabir Singh And Here Is Why!

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These are troubled times for Bollywood. And by that we mean less about the ones making the movies, and more for the ones being exposed to them. From struggling to recover from the trauma that was SOTY2, to now being slam-dunked with a tragic and toxic film like Kabir Singh, we as an audience fear what next is to come, even with a movie like Mardaani 2 in the pipeline. We are so worried about the rubbish that is being churned out, we are afraid to even step into theatres.

Rani Mukherjee, who starred in the original and now is all set to star in the sequel too. Recently in an interview with ANI, she shared how she is thrilled about her upcoming sequel  and credited most of her success to the scripts she’s been offered. She said, “I think it’s my good fortune that I have been able to select scripts out of the ones that I have got and I am fortunate that the directors and the writers have thought of me to play these characters. I have been lucky to have received the right script at the right time. I have enjoyed telling a story to the audience because if you are making a socially relevant film, we are making it for the audience.”

And while we agree with the seasoned actress, for her acting has been not just convincing but exemplary in most movies, we are not quite sure of what to expect from the sequel. The actress, when asked about her roles over the years, commented by saying that, “In Hichki, they (audience) came to know about the symptoms of Tourette’s which not many people knew in India. With Mardaani we got to tell people how the menace of child trafficking exists in our lives even though we don’t want to see it but it is rampant around us. In Mardaani 2, we will again tackle a subject that will be shocking; it will show something very real, very alarming to audiences and make them aware of what’s happening in and around our lives.”

If we do try to think back to the crime thriller that showcases the exploits of Shivani Roy, a senior inspector of crime branch, we recall being glad that a movie with a central role around a woman officer was made, but not so thrilled with how it was delivered. In an attempt to empower the lady cop who was trying to blow the lid off a sex trafficking racket, the more than obvious attempts of portraying a gloss stripped, cussing and punching cop, kind of diluted the entire point of showing women in a position of power. In hindsight, it was too stereotypical.

So now when the sequel is making rounds, we’d rather bet our money on that than the horror show that was Kabir Singh, and hope that the script is more compelling and less predictable than it was the last time around. Because if anyone can spin it around, it is Rani Mukherjee. Or so we hope!


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