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War’s New Ghungroo Song Mauled A Classic Pankaj Udhas Ghazal. For Lovers Of The OG Song, It’s Horrifying!

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I will start this piece by admitting that I have a humongous crush on Hrithik Roshan. The actor, who has been bronzed intensely, in this movie, is all set to star in his upcoming action thriller – War alongside actor Tiger Shroff and actress Vaani Kapoor. So no matter how much I cringed at the idea of the trailer not giving more than 10 seconds of screen time to the actress, I was quick like a cat to jump on the new song that released yesterday. Titled the ‘Ghungroo song‘,  I played it on repeat and no it wasn’t to see Hrithik in his shirtless avatar. Okay, not just that, but also because there was something oddly familiar about the song that I couldn’t put my finger on. And turns out I was right, for this song was a new spin on an old ghazal, Ghungroo toot gaye.

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The realisation of this song originally being a ghazal hit me as hard as Hrithik’s abs in the song, while he swayed around like a Greek god. And that is where you’d see my confusion lay. From a ghazal that came out almost two decades ago, where Pankaj Udhas calmly sings his composition about dancing in ghungroos, to a song that starts with Vaani Kapoor walking out of the sea looking like a snacc in her bikini clad avatar, we saw no connection whatsoever, and trust me we tried.

From the lyrics to the visual aesthetics to the very origin of this song, nothing fit well with what the video actually was and we were more shocked than surprised to find out about how they’ve mauled a ghazal to turn it into a way to add glamour in the movie. While some are talking about the ultra-modern take on the song, which agree to that it is, we are still struggling to understand why this song after all. While Pankaj Udhas maybe getting traumatised somewhere in the back.

From what essentially feels like a mix of the two actor’s previous songs – Bang bang and Nashe si chadh gayi, picking a ghazal like this to make a song about something absolutely opposite is not just confusing, it shows how really out of content and creative ideas, the industry is at the moment. And to be fair, we are in no way hating on the song, for god’s sake, it has Hrithik being his usual charming self. On the Amalfi Coast. Looking jaw-droppingly good. While Vaani Kapoor tries to match up to his steps and presence on the screen – we are enticed by it, but not impressed – per se.

Set to hit the theatres on October 2, we can’t wait to see how the mentor vs. mentee thriller turns out to be!

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