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We Bet You Don’t Know This CUTE Thing About The Virushka Wedding!

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Quite often we see comparisons being drawn between ordinary people and celebrities, about how different or how uncannily alike. Alike, obviously in the most obvious way, that we are all  homosapiens and, different in well, every other aspect. Considering the bags that they own account for our three months of our rent, or that they have millions of followers on Instagram declaring undying love for them while we can’t even get our crush to text us back.  And while we are all gung-ho on social media, providing minute by minute updates to basically our two followers – one of them being our mom – they have to hide many, many aspects of their life. Including and perhaps most importantly, their wedding.

Virat and Anushka probably kicked off this trend when they got married in a quiet ceremony in Tuscany. There were no camera, no paps, no one to reveal the on-goings and put up Insta stories. In fact, when the pictures of their wedding first came out, most of us were stunned. And intrigued. But surely, when you are an A lister in Bollywood and the country and a leading cricketeer, you couldn’t have gotten away with planning a whole wedding on the sly? Oh but they did.

In an interview with Vogue, Anushka Sharma revealed that their wedding was discreet. By Indian wedding standards, it really was. Only about 42 people were at the wedding. Besides the families, who were sworn to absolute secrecy, only a handful of people knew about the nuptials. The wedding planner, her stylist and manager were the only people in the know. And of course, the designer Sabyasachi. In fact, they even booked the caterer under a pseudo name – Rahul- for Virat to ensure no details were spilled.

Anushka revealed, “We wanted to have a home-style wedding. There were only 42 people there, with all our friends and family present. I wanted it to be about Virat and me marrying each other, and not this big celebrity wedding. The energy at our wedding was blessed.”

Since then, several couples have chosen to have weddings in absolute secrecy, even going to the extent to taking away people’s phones (#NickYanka) to ensure there was no spilling of beans. While it may seem annoying since we do enjoy in being voyeuristic, perhaps we should appreciate the secrecy celebs want to have for special occasions and leave them to it.


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