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Virtual Happy Hours Might Be The Perfect Replacement For Your Party Plans In This Quarantine. Get Ready For Some Cocktails And Conferencing!

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One of the prime concerns for people at the moment, besides keeping themselves virus free and getting enough food essentials home during the Covid-19 lock down is to battle the feeling of boredom that has started to hit us all every 2 hours. With absolutely nothing to do and a lot of time on our hands to think about it, we’re stuck in sort of a limbo here, not knowing what will happen and when. And so, as our social lives and sanity takes the biggest hit here, after the world economy of course, and we can’t help but think of ways to restore that connection to the outside world, without really being outside. And seems like, we might just have found a great way around it.

As everyone camps inside their houses, away from their friends and family, a few people have been making use of the technology to bridge this distance and how. And since drinking features in almost all our conversations and times with friends, people have found the digital version of drinking times with  ‘virtual happy hours’.

With physical meetings gone out the window, people are resorting to the good old FaceTiming and apps like House Party where a bunch of your friends can get together without any fuss, you can now turn it up a notch up by having people join in with a fancy homemade cocktail of their own.

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The way it works is simple. Invite your posse together on a video call, on any platform that works best for you, be it Zoom, google hangouts or House party, and lay down a proper agenda or a theme in the invitation for everyone to follow. The idea is to try to turn it into a personalised affair, where people can enjoy dressing up and drinking up and feel a little closer to actually doing it.

Entertaining expert Paul Zahn, director of brand ambassadors for Disaronno International also suggested on the matter that, “The host can email everyone an itinerary or virtual menu  of what will happen throughout the course of the happy hour,” all the while adding a few games to the list like dumb charades, or any other game you feel like. Taking it upon as a proper dinner party indeed, just with a virtual twist, let this be your new saturday night plan during this quarantine!

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