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Vinesh Phogat’s Romantic Engagement Has Us Feeling All Mushy

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Vinesh Phogat, the gold medal winner from Asian Games came home to her very own Chak De India moment. The wrestler was proposed to by boyfriend Somveer Rathi at the airport, and the couple exchanged rings right there. This was obviously an ‘aww’ moment and had us melting, and also furiously Googling ‘how to get a boyfriend who will make grand romantic gestures at the airport’.

Vinesh’s father, Mahavir Phogat was there along with Somveer’s mother to witness the moment. The Phogat family was always famous for their wrestling, but the movie Dangal catapulted them to stardom, with the father garnering a lot of attention. He was played by Aamir Khan in the movie.

The moment was extra special because it was Vinesh’s birthday on Saturday and she wanted to get engaged on the same day. There was a delay and she landed late, so Somveer rushed to the airport to exchange rings. We are all fuzzy just thinking of this.

*right swipes too many people on Tinder*


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