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Vidya Balan Says She Would Never Work With Husband Siddharth Roy Kapur. That Sounds Like A Good Idea To Us!

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If there is one thing that I have been able to take away from Bollywood’s super heavy and dramatic dialogues, it is when they say ‘Never mix business with pleasure’. Because boy, it’s messy. Especially when the person involved in the equation is not a regular office crush, but your very own partner. A scenario that is all too real for Mission Mangal actress Vidya Balan, who too believes in not working professionally with her husband.

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During an interview, Vidya Balan opened up about this and said, “Because it’s too much. I could have a problem with my director and producer and argue it out. Actually, I don’t fight, I argue and I reason. But I can’t do that with Siddharth. When it’s so personal, I think because I can fight with Siddharth, I’ll end up fighting with him.” And we completely understand where she is coming from.

When you’re talking work with your partner, no matter how professional you are, you’re bound get swayed by your emotions and lines get blurry. She continued further by saying, “I want to retain the sanctity of our relationship. There have been times when we’ve both passed on a script, even when we liked it,” and that is the kind of a commitment you need to make both your professional and personal lives work.

The actress then added, “I can’t negotiate money with him. Imagine if he says you should be getting this much, and I say I should be getting ten times more. I”ll say are you under-valuing me? I don’t want to get into that space at all.” And we agree. Talking money with anyone can be a slippery slope to tread upon. So when your spouse comes into that picture, things are bound to get messy and what should be a conference table conversation, gets dragged to the dinner table.

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Maintaining work-life balance, and not letting each other’s profession define their personal equation is what all couples must strive towards and we are glad to have seen an example of this with this couple, that can actually make it work with this approach. Which is what Vidya Balan meant when she said, “In this profession, you can lose objectivity because we work so closely. I don’t want that happen, this is too precious to me.” As it should be, too.

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