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Vidya Balan Said She Faced Rejections For Three Years And Would Go To Sleep In Tears Before She Found Success

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Vidya Balan isn’t your run-of-the-mill actress. When every one was chasing a size zero, she made being healthy important. When other actresses were being given roles requiring them to look stunning and not much else, she was doing a gritty, dark movie like Kahaani. But when you make unusual choices, while you get noticed, you might not always get work. Especially when you are in an industry like Bollywood where the herd mentality is very hard to miss.  Vidya Balan’s role in The Dirty Picture earned her plenty of success but it wasn’t always an easy journey for the star.

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The actress began her career with television and later stole the show by doing films. But coming from a non-filmy background, Vidya Balan took a lot of time to find her footing in the film industry and made her debut when she was 26 years-old. Reminiscing her struggling days, Vidya told Mumbai Mirror, “Coming from a non- filmi family I had no idea how to go about becoming an actress, yet I wanted to be one. It worried my family, though they have always supported me. It must have come as a relief to them when my first TV show, La Bella, shut down after a few months. They must have thought, ‘Chalo, abhi to bhoot utar jayega.”

Bollywood has never been an easy place for newcomers and despite not achieving her goals at the early age, Vidya didn’t let her acting dream fade away. Vidya Balan revealed that she also enrolled in a masters course just to keep herself occupied in the beginning. The Kahaani actress added that she had to face a lot of rejections initially but she was keen to prove herself with every opportunity. “It was three years of constant rejections from down South and there were days when I would go to sleep in tears. But the next morning, I was up and smiling, hopeful that something good would happen, and Parineeta did,” said Vidya Balan.

The stunning actress is gearing up for Mission Mangal and says she connected with her character, Tara Shinde in the film on the grounds of facing real-life struggles. Opening up on the similarities between herself and her character in Mission Mangal, Vidya said, “But even when the challenges seem insurmountable, Tara refuses to give up.” The film, which brings back Vidya Balan to the screen after two years is set to hit the screens on August 15.

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