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This Video Of Little Girls & Their Dads Talking About Feminism Is The Need Of The Hour

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Isn’t it always heart-warming to see dads spend time with their little girls, and act goofy with them.

You know how you go ‘aww’ when you see a dad braiding his daughter’s hair, playing with her, the two of them dancing together… Well, this video titled Dear Daughters takes father-daughter bonding time to a whole new level.

Conceptualised by Marzia Messina and Sham Hinchey, the video features 22 men along with their daughters (aged 8 to 11 years), taking about feminism while playing a board game. And it’s not just endearing; we think it’s the need of the hour!

What better time to talk to girls about feminism and equal rights than when they’re little, right?

The idea behind the photographic project, Dear Daughters, was to encourage dialogue on these issues inside and outside of the home, between all age groups. The initiative also features the above video and text.

From what it means to be a feminist to the women that inspire them, and what they’d like to be when they grow up to their favourite slogan at a women’s march, it’s amazing to see what these girls have to say in this video. Their dads’ responses are totally awesome too! If only all dads would talk to their little girls like this!

Watch this video and share it to start a dialogue on issues that really matter.

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