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Vicky Kaushal’s Reply To A Fan Will Make You Fall In Love With Him Even More. Uff, This Guy!

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I am, by nature, a very difficult person to please. There are only a few select things, that will make me blush and get me weak in the knees. And Vicky Kaushal, by all means is one of them. And this, coming from not just stalking his IG on the daily, but from finding out how genuine and grounded he really is as a person. You know, we are buddies. Okay, we aren’t but I *feel* close to him.

As it turns out, recently the actor had been seen making a visit to a local cafe in mumbai, where he was spotted by a fan and her husband. If I was there and Vicky Kaushal made an entrance, I would have flown into his arms, scared him probably, knocked down a few people and got myself a restraining order. He can thank his stars I wasn’t there then. By let’s just say, we are envious of the couple who happen to be in such close proximity of the Uri actor. And while our behaviour much worse, this couple was rather civil.

What happened instead was that the fan’s husband decided to reach out to Vicky over twitter by tagging him in a post and saying, “@vickykaushal09 my wifey saw you today in the jam jam cafe, was sitting next to your table but too shy to come up and talk. And thought that privacy should be given to the stars. I am saying hi on her behalf and we really love your acting. Take care!! (sic)” And to his surprise, Vicky not only replied to the man, but also won hearts of many while at it.

Responding generously and graciously, Vicky said, “Pass my regards. I appreciate her for respecting my privacy. Next time, feel free, I’d be happy to have a conversation.” and boy did he earn our respect. Quite often, an actor rising to stardom in the industry lets fame and stardom get the best of him, but not our nation’s heartthrob here. His prompt and genuine reply restored our faith in him as a class actor and being. And the netizens agree! No wonder his fans’ josh is always high!

On the work front, Vicky is all set to make his debut in the horror genre with Bhanu Pratap Singh’s directorial venture Bhoot. The only way Vicky could scare us was if he disappeared. Otherwise, nope. Or at least that’s what we think.


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