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Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu Says Progress Not Possible Unless Women Get Equal Opportunities. Finally, A Politician That Makes Sense

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If you have been following Hauterfly, then you know that we are no feminazis. Just because we raise our voice against violence against women and passionately argue for equal pay and empowerment, doesn’t make us misandrists. Besides, look around you. Women, across the globe, are living in horrid conditions all thanks to our overtly patriarchal society. I have always felt that women’s rights movement needs to be a priority. Especially, considering that crimes against women have seen such a surge this year. Although our politicians are the very people we elected to run and represent our country, sadly they are the very ones who don’t seem to care about all this.  

Time and time again, Indian politicians have made statements that show just how vested they are in making life simpler for women. The answer, if you are wondering, is not at all. From insulting women to making statements about “putting women in their place” and from character assassination of rape victims to not caring that women are getting raped every day, their stand on women empowerment has always been extremely clear. But of course, like everything in life, this too has exceptions. 

And this time, the surprise has been pleasant, Our Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has proved that not all Indian politicians overlook the problems women are facing. On Sunday, he stressed on the fact that our country needs to give women equal opportunities in all spheres.  

VP Naidu said, “With women constituting about 50 per cent of India’s population, we cannot make progress unless they are given equal opportunities in all spheres, including the political arena.”  

He took to Facebook to share a post titled, “End Discrimination, Empower Women” and urged all the political parties to arrive at a common agreement on the pending proposal for providing adequate reservation to women representatives in Parliament and state legislatures. Okay, one question, where has he been all this time? 

In 2014, a bill, to provide reservation to women in the Lok Sabha and various state assemblies, was passed by the Rajya Sabha. But was terminated after the dissolution of the Lok Sabha. And now, VP Naidu is asking for all political parties to make this happen. If the bill is finally passed, women will have representation in the Lok Sabha that we lack right now. 

The vice president went on to observe that India has always shown respect to women and treated them as equals. Erm, I am pretty sure that he talking about another country. However, he further said, “It is high time we give girls and women their due in society and leave no stone unturned to empower them.”  

He also urged that there should be a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any kind of discrimination against women and that there is a need to prove that discrimination against women no longer exists in our society. 

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It’s a refreshing change, isn’t it? After reading about the crappy things politicians have said about women over the years, this is like music to my ears.

For a long time, the people running our country have looked down upon women and made laws to ensure we stay oppressed. Which is why I am ecstatic right now. Here is a politician who cares about women representation and equal rights. I think women have suffered enough at the hands of misogynistic politicians and I really wish we had more politicians and more men who thought like our vice president.  

Discrimination against women and crimes against women are not issues that are going to go away overnight. They are deep-rooted problems that require a complete change in the mindset and mentality of the people. We need more men, more people like VP Naidu who believe in the cause and are willing to walk the extra mile to make that change. I think if we have more men who think like him, our country will become a safer and better place.

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