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#VDAY: Your Ultimate Guide If You Are Single And Happy AF

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I think everyone and their neighbour’s cousin knows that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. While I see all the happy, lovestruck couples make cute plans, a single girl like me literally gives no two thoughts about it. Yes, I don’t think love is sappy and overrated and no, the couples shouldn’t be condemned for celebrating it. I just am a single girl, who is enjoying a kickass life and really doesn’t want to waste her energy talking ill about those in relationships. Like, come on you are a better person than that.


Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly


But, if you are feeling a little low about all the love floating around, it’s justified. There is still no reason you should cuddle up in your blanket and simulate a flood in your room. It’s time that you get yourself up and show this world, and their so-called norms, what a happy V-Day looks like, sans a male counterpart. And to help you with exactly that, here are 5 ways you can survive tomorrow like the #GirlBoss that you are!


Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly

1. Do NOT Watch Rom-Coms

If you want to watch The Notebook and cry, do it because it’s an amazing movie and not because you pity your single self. If these movies make you sad and tear you up, stay away. Instead, watch something that will make you feel happy and proud of not being in a relationship. A great time to have a marathon of your fave fandom films or maybe some Harry Potter?

Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly

2. Wear A Colour That Isn’t Red Or Pink

Given the overflow of red and pink we’ll get to see tomorrow, it is best that you steer clear of the colour. Opt for maybe a yellow, orange, or blue. Please don’t go all black as a way of protest — let’s curb the envy on display, shall we?


Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly

3. Party With Your Girlies

Nothing beats this! A day in or a night out with your besties is all that you need to forget all your blues and just have a good time. Though we all have friends who will be all mushy, we also those trusted few who will stick by us and watch horror flicks. Yup, that’s what my baes are going to be doing with me tomorrow!


Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly

4. Take Your Furry Buds On A Date

If there is anyone who deserves your attention on this day (or any day, for that matter), it’s your pets, who have been through it all with you. When you were dating that idiot who promised you big things and even when that moron dumped you for no good reason, these pals have been there, so now, it’s time to make them feel special. Take them out on a date and you will see the joy on their faces. Best V-Day partners, ever!


Single Girl's Guide To Survive V Day_Hauterfly

5. DIY Anything And Everything That You Want

Utilise this time to decorate your room, take up colouring, make cutesy stuff for your desks, print out photographs, make a memory box, and so much more. The fact that you don’t have to buy gifts for anyone else, and can instead spend your hard-earned salary on yourself, is the best feeling, no?


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