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#VDAY: 5 Ways To Make This Day Memorable For Your Man

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Shopping for men can be a real brain racker¬†— in all honesty, there’s only so much you can buy for them. It’s not like they have a thousand and one options the way we women do. The usual include shoes, clothing, and gadgets, and of course, since boys like their toys and all that jazz, it will make him happy. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, since it is a day of love, you might want to do something more personal and memorable. I mean, if you don’t want to face a ‘been there done that’ moment or a ‘sorry, I already have that’ mishap, you will need to put a little more thought into surprising him. We are aware that if a guy really likes you, he MOST DEFINITELY will go out of his way to make the effort (most of the times, at least). It’s not a competition (or is it?), but you really don’t want to look bad next to that amazing first date he took you on or that impromptu adorably romantic moment he had with you, even though you were sick and probably highly infectious. It’s time to sort of say thanks and take control of the reins this Valentine’s Day, girl!



You know how they say it’s the thought that counts — believe it or not, if you really like each other, it’s actually true. So if you have even the smallest bone of feminism and empowerment in you, you will turn things around and make him feel as lucky as you do — so go crazy and take your pick!

1. Surprise Box

Put together his favourite things in different sized boxes! Why¬†just stick to one thing, when you could splurge on a whole lot more? This doesn’t mean all material gifts, it could also include pictures of you together, cute inside jokes, etc. We are aware that he’s a boy and won’t quite show how happy random moments like these make him, but trust us, he likes it! Who doesn’t like getting a gift package? Hint, hint…you might want to hide inside one of the bigger boxes as well!

2. Coupon Codes

Okay, so this is more of a DIY booklet that you can design and create. You can make it either in the form of redeemable coupons, tickets, boarding passes — take your pick. The idea behind this is to give him personal experiences (if you know what I mean), and whenever he wants them, he can use the respective coupon. This could be suitable for all ages, PG 13 or even 18+, whatever tickles your and his fancy. Be creative and make sure you can carry out that task. Nothing is worse than a disappointing gift!

3. Dedicated Day

Spend the entire day with him, if possible. Since, Valentine’s Day does fall on a weekday, you can always bring forward or postpone it to a weekend. On this day, remember YOU DO NOT MATTER. So, the same way he stuck through that oh-so-awful rom-com movie marathon, you are going to pull it together and happily glide through playing FIFA with him. If he tries to love what you really like, then it’s your turn to do the same. Make it about him! And that means, sexy time too (go crazy with the lingerie because you know you are going to have fun as well — it’s a two-way street).

4. Experience To Remember

So instead of the usual watches, apparel, books etc., get him the experience of a lifetime! Go river-rafting, para-sailing, camping…just the two of you together. If he loves a little bit of adventure in his life, then he is going to really love this. If you’re feeling damn adventurous, then book a helicopter ride and let him enjoy the view — both of you and the sites!

5. Something Unusual

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, do something different and give back. This might not be your normal idea of spending the day, but it’s going to make a difference to the both of you. Spend time at an animal-shelter and adopt a homeless 4-legged cutey, or take the day to chill at an orphanage or a home for the aged. These are small things that you can do with your man, while making someone unfortunate feel as special as you guys will.


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