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Actor Vandana Sajnani Khattar Opens Up About Her Struggle With Postpartum Depression And It’s The Most Real Thing You’ll Read Today

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Movies and TV shows will have you believe that motherhood is one of the most glorious things a woman can experience. And while that’s true, it’s time we take off the rose-coloured glasses. The fact of the matter is that often pregnancy and giving birth are the most challenging things a woman goes through. And not in a good, fulfilling way. There are numerous complications after giving birth too, like postpartum depression, which is so stigmatized in our country that no one talks about it. But we’ve had enough with women suffering in silence. Until now, numerous actresses have come forward to discuss the complications they had with their pregnancies, the latest being Vandana Sajnani Khattar. It’s time we normalize talking about things like postpartum depression. 

Actor and theatre producer, Vandana Sajnani Khattar has been missing from the scene for quite some time. That’s because the last two years have been incredibly strenuous for her. She had a difficult pregnancy and experienced severe complications post-delivery as well. Vandana also went through a challenging bout of postpartum depression. In fact, it got so bad that she had to be hospitalized and it took her many months to recover from it. 

Talking about the last two years, Vandana said, “The last two years have been the most painful; emotionally and physically, it has been an exhausting journey. Of course, my dream of being a mother is fulfilled and I have a true miracle baby, a fighter in my life, who was just all of 700 grams when he was born. My son Yuvaan Vanraj Khattar is growing well now and I am enjoying every minute of motherhood. But yes, I went through prepartum and postpartum depression and I hope no woman goes through what I went through. For the last two years, we have only been visiting hospitals and the pandemic made things worse.”

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Vandana Sajanani Khattar further goes on to talk about how mental health is not prioritized in our country. Numerous women experience postpartum depression but they don’t even have basic knowledge about it. Not to mention, most of them are extremely reluctant to talk about it. She says that spreading awareness is the need of the hour. Normalizing mental health and the concept of counselling and therapy is the only way forward. 

Sharing her own example, Vandana said, “I have recovered, but there’s a lot that needs to be done in this area. Unfortunately, in India, mental illness is still not considered a mainstream health issue. Many women go through it but are not willing to talk about it. The need of the hour is to spread awareness, whereby women are able to identify the problem immediately, seek counselling and take medication, if required, at the earliest. I really want to tell women that neglecting it can cause a lot of harm to you and pain to others around you.” 

Further adding, “One must not delay. I delayed it as I was unaware of what was happening to me, even though people around me felt something was terribly off and told me to take help, but I didn’t. Thus, I collapsed, had a huge breakdown and had to be hospitalised.” 

We completely agree with her. The stigma that surrounds concepts like postpartum depression is making it harder for women to seek help in time. Yes, being a mother is wonderful and fulfilling but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a ton of complications and challenges. We just have to normalise talking about them and seeking professional help for our mental health.

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