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Vaani Kapoor Lands Herself In Legal Trouble For Sporting A ‘Ram’ Printed Crop Top. Wtf Is Happening?

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Okay, I am going to be a little mysterious here. A while ago, there was a big and renowned perfectionist superstar (this is not a clue) from Bollywood who had said there is rising intolerance in the country (also not a clue) and had landed himself in a bit of a soup. And while many people turned his rather true statement into a political battleground, we couldn’t help but agree to how true it was in terms of the present state of affairs of the country. Of course there is a good chance, I may be at the receiving end of a lot flak for supporting a statement like that, but closing your eyes doesn’t hide the truth. Especially since people have forgotten what it was like to keep their noses out other people’s lives and have started taking offense and action on all the wrong and irrelevant things. Actress Vaani Kapoor’s recent crop top with a print of Lord Rama’s name on it, for instance.

The War actress, Vaani Kapoor had quite recently sported a crop top with a plunging neckline and gotten into trouble for wearing it because it had the name of Lord Rama printed on it. With the overload of Hindu god’s name on the crop top, people were quick to co-relate the deep neck of the top to the deeply embedded disrespect they said Vaani portrayed to the devotees of Lord Rama. Because apparently, all decency and spirituality must come out of the amount of cloth covering a woman’s body. Not only did she receive a lot of hate comments from angry devotees on internet, but now an FIR has been filed against her for this.

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Claiming that the top has riled up staunch devotees because her clothing is ‘vulgar’ , ‘uncultured’ and ‘disrespectful’, a resident from Mumbai, Rama Sawant has filed a complaint against the actress for hurting his religious sentiments. Which were apparently as fragile as his understanding of the word ‘culture’.


The actress who had deleted the picture soon after the ruckus it created on social media has not made a public statement about the issue yet, but we are hoping she soon will and will hopefully stand her ground. There is also conjecture that the textual motif printed on her blouse was in fact not ‘Lord Rama’, considering she had posted a similar picture on her gram without ‘Ram’ printed on it. Or maybe it was just a good designer who helped her.

However, citing quick intolerance and offence, Rama Sawant and several other self proclaimed religious custodians like him were fast to dismiss the actress on grounds of her clothes asking for an FIR to be registered against her for an offence punishable U/S. 215A of the IPC. And if at all in a similar situation, a man had sported a bare chest accompanied by wearing a scarf with the print of ‘Lord Rama’ on it, people would be hailing him a true devotee, but when a woman shows up in a blouse, with a bit of a skin show, the world needs to come to an end. Such are the levels of hypocrisy, prejudice and blind misogyny governing us today.

In a time where women are raped in religious temples with men doing it walking away freely, we have people taking offence and demanding strict action against such trivial matters that honestly don’t need a legal notice to be resolved but only an open mind. Are we seriously that out of relevant issues to be concerned about, that filing an FIR over what an actress wore has become such a pressing matter?

We as a country, desperately need to learn to maintain our calm and stop making mountains out of molehills. It was just a crop top guys, it doesn’t have to mean any disrespect, for the simple reason that what women don on their bodies is none of your damned concern.

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