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UP Man Asked Men On Social Media To Pay For Sex With His Wife After She Refused To Give Him A Bike In Dowry. This Is Sickening

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For the longest time, I used to curiously look at the several “beanbag” graffiti almost everywhere in Mumbai. You could see a phone number along with “beanbag” spray-painted in every nook and corner of the city – busy lanes, abandoned spaces, outside under-construction buildings, on the sidewalks, etc. And I really wondered if it was actually a sag bag they sold or was it something more sinister? If you called the number, would it be answered by a sex worker or would you find a fraudster waiting to scam all the tharkis? Or worse, if some guy has been putting up the phone number of a woman as revenge. Thankfully, someone did call them and found out they actually sell what they advertise.

I bet most of us had our doubts about it. And if you ask me, it comes from a place of familiarity. We see phone numbers scribbled in public spaces with a woman’s name or a shady inviting message. I hate to think how many of those phone numbers actually belong to a real woman, who has become a victim to a man’s bruised ego.

Recently, a man from Uttar Pradesh did the shameful and put up his wife’s “honor for sale”. Puneet from Thuthia village put up his wife’s picture up on social media along with her phone number. He wrote a message in which he asked people to pay money to talk to her. He invited strangers to make lewd calls to her and ask her for sex.

This is so shameful! All this, because Puneet’s bruised ego just couldn’t let him accept that no, he doesn’t deserve a bike in dowry for simply having a penis. In fact, when his demand for a bike was not fulfilled by his in-laws, he started physically abusing his wife. And when she returned to her parent’s place, he got infuriated and tried to pimp his wife out.

I cannot imagine what he grew up learning that makes him feel so entitled to ask for dowry. You want a bike, go earn some money and buy it. What makes these men think they can “demand” things and women are supposed to oblige?

The woman started getting obscene calls and lodged a complaint with the Cyber Cell. “We arrested Puneet on Monday and he has been sent to jail. This is an unusual case of crime against women and we will ensure strict punishment for the accused,” Sanjay Singh, PRO in the SP office said.

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Actually, it is sick but it’s not “unusual”. Several women have been a victim of this in which their phone numbers were shared and they were harassed, all because some man’s ego had been hurt. In fact, this is the same place where revenge porn and acid attacks come from. Also, Puneet, if you’re reading this, I hope your penis loses function.

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