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6 Types Of People In A Group Selfie!

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Probably the most addictive thing to have ever been invented is a selfie. There are articles, videos and posts on just how to capture a great selfie. I won’t be surprised if schools start including this as a subject in their curriculum.

Taking a single selfie might take ages, but taking one with a group is a different story altogether. Everyone’s angles and profiles need to be kept in mind. And God forbid if even one of your friend looks horrible… you will basically have to repeat the whole process again.

Just like we have various kinds of friends, in a selfie we have different types of people. If one is the designated selfie stick, the other is the tiny tot who can never been seen. Then there is the diva who needs everything to be perfect, and that one person who loves making weird faces. Every group has these peeps. Every one of them.

Watch the video above and identify your friends!


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