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Two Women Went Live On Social Media When Being Harassed By Two Men. The Men Got Caught

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I have been followed home, touched inappropriately at traffic signals, eve-teased and cat-called. Unfortunately, every woman has similar stories. My mother always told me to stay alert, keep my guard up and my head down. But that doesn’t really help, does it? Harassers will harass no matter where you’re looking. When something as traumatic as this happens to me though, I have noticed that I tend to freeze for a few seconds. My mind goes blank, my palms begin to sweat and my voice gets stuck in my throat. By the time my fight or flight instinct kicks in, the damage is already done. It takes a lot to stay pro-active in situations like those. However, these two women from Gurugram succeeding in getting their harassers arrested and it’s all thanks to social media. We are in dire need of women’s safety. How do the authorities not see that?

On Sunday, the Gurugram police arrested two men who were harassing two women. The women claimed that the two men were harassing them while they were waiting for their cab on Saturday night at DLF Phase 1 in Gurugram’s Gwal Pahari area. In order to bring light to their situation, the two women went live on social media and reported everything going on. Who said social media is more of a curse than it is a boon?

According to reports, in their complaint, the women claimed that the two men were drunk. They were following the women in their car and demanding their phone numbers. That’s when one of the women pulled out her phone and started a social media live. However, by the time the police caught wind of the situation and responded to the call, the suspects had already fled the scene.


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In their live video, the two women ensured to show the faces of the two men harassing them as well as their vehicle number. Once the video went viral, it became exceedingly simple for the police to track the two perverted men down and arrest them.

Thankfully, the two lewd men have been arrested. At least they won’t be able to harass anyone else. Although, the way these two women handled this terrifying situation is commendable. They really stood their own. They were alert, used their presence of mind and turn social media into a weapon. This is how it’s done. Ladies, take notes for next time you feel unsafe or are being harassed.

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