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Two Women Enter The Sabarimala Temple And We’re Rooting For Them!

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The Sabarimala Temple issue doesn’t really die down. Despite the court telling women they can go as they please, despite women in Kerala forming a human chain to protest this discrimination. Despite all this, trouble continues to stir.  This time, it was over two women who walked into the temple on Wednesday, before dawn. To give you a little background, the Sabarimala Temple worships Lord Ayyappan, who was a celibate, and hence the devotees are strongly against allowing women of menstruating age (10-50 years) within its confines.

However, this tradition of foisting patriarchy by imposing restrictions on practising their belief was addressed by the Supreme Court.  On September 28, 2018, the apex court passed a verdict allowing women of all ages to enter the temple. Ironically enough, the only dissenting vote in the 4:1 ruling, was that of a female justice – Indu Malhotra who claimed that the religious connotations must not be tinkered with to maintain a ‘secular atmosphere’.

Last we checked, secularism meant for no discrimination against anybody in the name of religion, and women by that definition fall into the category of ‘anybody’.

But the consequence of this ruling had little to no impact on the long-standing tradition.  Women who tried to enter were always met with rioting devotees and protesters. Up until these two women – Kanaka and Bindu Durga (both aged below 50 years) snuck their way into the temple, escorted by police on 2nd January, 2019. What a fantastic way to start the new year!

Their sneak uphill trek started early in the morning and they reached the temple around 3:45am, as captured on the cameras. Their courageous visit to the temple was not just a win for them and their beliefs but for everyone else who believes that religion is a way of life and should be democratic.

The temple then shut down for ‘purification’ and was reopened a couple of hours later.


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