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Two Men In UP Caught On Camera Stealing A Woman’s Underwear, Occult Rituals Are Being Suspected

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There is no dearth of perverted men in this country. In fact, I am constantly astounded by the consistency with which they behave badly and get away without consequence. I’ve been catcalled by rickshaw drivers, groped in a crowded temple and flashed in a local train. And I am so sure every girl has very similar stories that have left her scarred for life. Recently though, we heard of an incident from UP that made us raise our eyebrows. You see, two men in Meerut stole a woman’s underwear that was hanging outside her house to dry. Honestly, this goes a little beyond creepy.

In Meerut, UP, two men on their way to offer namaz were caught on camera stealing a woman’s underwear that was hanging outside her house. The video was shared on social media by journalist Sachin Gupta. Erm…what are they going to do with used underwear? Actually, I don’t think anyone wants the answer to that.

The two men were caught on camera arriving on a two-wheeler. One sneakily got off his bike and grabbed a woman’s underwear that was drying outside her window. While one of the men goes off , the other man quickly drives off. According to reports, the locals in the area approached the police who were obviously surprised at this complaint.

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Residents of the area believe that stealing women’s underwear is part of some occult ritual. Well, I don’t buy that. I think it’s just creepy men living out their deranged fantasies. However, the locals pointed out that there is a religious place near the scene of the theft and hence it has something to do with it. Although it makes sense that people are blaming occult practices. Because why hold the men completely responsible for their perverse behaviour?

The police are currently investigating the case. Hopefully, the probe actually amounts to something. I just have a question- what makes these men steal a woman’s underwear? Some psychological imbalance? The thought that it will be some kind of meet cute when she comes looking for it? Ugh. This is just so perverted.

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