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Twitter Is Asking People To Drop Everything And Google ‘Who Invented Sex Dolls?’. We Decode This Secret Sex Doll Operation For You

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Today, I finally understood why our generation is always found immersed in their phones. We’re trying to tune other people out.  If I pay attention to what’s happening around me, I might find information on what my grandmother thinks about lauki, whose teenage daughter has been hoeing around and even that is still okay. I can just nod and hear it all out. It’s when they start asking you questions – that is when the conversation gets really difficult. Are you on your period? Do you think you’re crankier than usual? Who is that guy you keep video calling? No, God, no! Okay, I am not dismissing personal interaction…though not insightful, it’s warm and nice, mostly. But the things you learn of online – that’s just way too exciting!

Like this afternoon, my editor sneakily asked me to look up ‘who invented blow up dolls’ and I was shocked! Adolf Hitler? My jaw dropped five feet down to the floor and I was like the world knows Hitler and yet, several people had no idea about this invention. I mean, yes, there have been theories but it is only now that Twitter has discovered this fact and everyone is going berserk. People have been trying to maintain the mystery even by simply asking people to Google who invented blow up dolls, as my editor did. “Stop what you’re doing.. google who invented blow up dolls,” a user urged people. “Wait a second, so you are telling me that he created the Blow up dolls,” another user just tweeted without revealing the person’s identity. Some even complained that they never taught this in school. That would have been just a tad bit awkward if the kids asked what the doll was used for.

Did Hitler Invent Blow up Sex Dolls For Real?

But did he actually invent inflatable sex dolls? It was his idea and this project titled ‘the Borghild Project’ from 1940 was kept highly confidential. Apparently, when the German soldiers were stationed in France, their alliance with prostitutes there had led to an outbreak of syphilis. This project was headed by his officer S.S. commander Heinrich Himmler who had written to Hitler warning him of the outbreak. “The greatest danger in Paris is the widespread and uncontrolled presence of whores, picking up clients in bars, dance halls, and other places. It is our duty to prevent soldiers from risking their health just for the sake of a quick adventure,” he wrote.

Now Hitler didn’t want his soldiers to be contracting STDs or fathering children of a mixed-race – afterall racial discrimination was the basis of everything that he was fighting for. But he realised that these men won’t be able to keep it in their pants for long so out of that desperate need, he thought why not make women of plastic? They would not have any rights, respect, or a uterus. Basically, the dolls were like women except no uterus. There would be no STDs either. A Danish doctor Olen Hannussen was ordered in 1941 to develop the inflatable doll, as reported by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

And Thus, Misogyny Got To Work

The story of this was first published in a Norwegian newspaper and it pointed out that Hitler was very closely involved in picking out the details of the doll. The paper quoted Hitler to have given her specifications: “She should be a natural size with a pretty woman’s appearance with white skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, 1.76 meters (5 feet, nine inches) high, with large lips and breasts.” Erm, sure are there any more beauty stereotypes you could fit in here? What can you expect from a fascist leader?

Hannussen wrote in his logbook, “The doll has only one purpose and she should never become a substitute for the honourable mother at home… When the soldier makes love to Borghild, it has nothing to do with love. Therefore the face of our anthropomorphic sexmachine should be exactly how Weininger described the common wanton’s face.” He wrote that these dolls should have a “boyish hairdo” because apparently it was the “field-whore” and how do these connect? Short-haired women mean low morals too according to these men. He further noted that these dolls were a “part of the fighting forces” and not an “honourable” woman. This is really so disgusting.

These dolls called “gynoids” and “comforters” were meant for soldiers to inflate up whenever they felt arousal. However, eventually, soldiers refused to carry them around out of embarrassment and the Germans feared if they were caught by the enemies, they would be made fun of.

A Psychiatrist’s Two Cents on Doing It with an Inanimate Woman

Dr. Rudolf Chargeheimer, a psychiatrist employed by Himmler to assist him in working on the prototype wrote that the purpose of this project was to “relieve” the soldiers so that they don’t mingle with “foreign women”. But he said that “real men” don’t like to do it with an inanimate doll – oh no, don’t get him wrong. It wasn’t about ethics and dignity and not objectifying women. It was because the product wouldn’t feel real enough. “The synthetic flesh has to feel the same like real flesh. The doll’s body should be as agile and moveable as the real body. The doll’s organ should feel absolutely realistic,” he wrote. Apparently, those dolls never really happened because the factory was set up in the city of Dresden which got bombed in the war.

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So who discovered this?

It was author Graeme Donald who found out about this top secret sex doll operation by Adolf Hitler while conducting research for his book Mussolini’s Barber which is an assortment of bizarre military stories. He figured that Ruth and Elliot Handler made their first Barbie after visiting Germany in 1956 when co-incidentally they had bought Bild Lilli doll, a sex toy sold in Germany. “While I was researching this I came across references to Nazi sex dolls and found out that Hitler had ordered them to be made,” Donald told TIME. “As ever, more troops were laid low by disease than by bullets. Syphilis was a problem Hitler was aware of and he was rumored to have suffered from it himself,” he further added. Suddenly, today I feel like I have graduated the class of 2020!

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