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Troll Asks Karan Johar To Make A Biopic About Being Gay. KJo Shuts Him Up With His Sarcasm. We Love It

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There are times, when I am sitting at my desk during work, scrolling through my social media feeds, finding all sorts of rubbish trolls and comments people make on the lives of celebrities, and think about their lives are so sad. No, not of the celebrities, but  of the trolls who clearly have no better way to spend their free time than to take random digs at people who do not know of their existence. And while it happens on the daily with many, the one at the receiving end here this time around was the ace filmmaker – Karan Johar.

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In a recent, utterly pointless and now deleted tweet, a netizen trolled Karan Johar by commenting on his sexuality as he wrote, “Karan johar k life pe ek movie banani chahiye (A film should be made on Karan Johar’s life). KARAN JOHAR: the gay.” It’s not like he had any business talking about where KJo’s sexual orientation lies, or had given birth to a new million dollar idea, but the tweet did not go unnoticed by the filmmaker and he made sure to give it back to him.

Known well for his command over both – the language and Bollywood, Karan did what he did best – wielded words dipped in sarcasm to show him his place. He wrote, “You absolutely original genius! Where have you been hiding all this while??? Thank you for existing and emerging as the most prolific voice on Twitter today.”

And it wasn’t the first time that Karan took on such trolls like the boss that he is. During his appearance at Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, the filmmaker was asked by a troller if he had a ‘gender malfunction’, to which Karan Johar replied, “… I was born a man. I’m proud to be a man. I have a woman in me, and that makes me more of a man,” and honestly, it did make him more of a man to be able to say that.

He also went ahead to talk about how he manages to deal with the incessant trolling and shared, “Initially when I used to get it (trolling), I used to deal with it by being upset and angry. Then it went into a state of indifference, because I was like, I can’t let this get to me. Now, I am in a state of glorious amusement. Every morning I wake up to abuse, and it amuses me.”

People hide behind the comfort and anonymity of their screens and make lewd remarks, with no fear of consequence, but it is times like these when celebrities own up to who they are for real and that puts people back in their place. No one should have to feel entitled enough to mock a person’s sexuality, and we hope the troll knows that now.

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