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#Trending : This Photo Of A Couple Getting Married On Brooklyn Bridge Went Viral And The Story Behind It Is The Cutest

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It should come as no surprise to you people (especially those who know me well enough), that I am indeed a sucker for romance. I was raised on a healthy and heavy diet of Nicholas Sparks novels, Julia Roberts movies and Shah Rukh Khan’s cheesy dialogues that made dating in the current world of millennial and fast love that much more difficult. But hey, it kept me hopeful. And on days when hope was even more difficult to come by, stories like that of Nikolina Kovalenko and Stefan Ponova make it easier to believe in love.

A story that comes from all the way from the Brooklyn Bridge to us, through the eyes and a sincere tweet of a woman named Nevona Friedman who came across a defining moment between a couple on the Brooklyn bridge, gave us what Netflix hasn’t in a while – a teary eyed romance. One day as she cycled her way on the bridge,  she saw a couple getting married, in the middle of the bridge, as the sun was setting down and chose to click pictures of them, for she had been moved by the near perfect moment.

Later, when she saw how beautifully the pictures had come out to be, she couldn’t resist but make an attempt to find the couple through social media just so she could pass on the pictures of their special day to them. In a chat with Hindustan Times she shared, “I decided to snap a few photos from different angles (from a safe distance away) and then when I saw how they turned out, wanted to see if I could find a way to get the images to them – it didn’t seem like they had a photographer or family taking pictures”.

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Posting the picture on Twitter, she wrote, “If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!” and much to her surprise, voila! She found the happy couple! She said, “It was really sweet to see – a couple making the best out of this crazy situation. Due to the pandemic the bridge is less crowded. It’s kind of cool as what other chance would you have to get married right in the middle of the Brooklyn bridge?”

But that’s not all. It was when she found the two and discovered how their love story unraveled, that the real tears really started flowing. Turns out, Nikolina Kovalenko and Stefan Ponova met about a year ago while they were backpacking through South America.

Kovalenko told Hindustan Times, “We met while when Stefan invited me to dance, we immediately felt an incredible connection, and we were dancing and chatting through the evening,” she said. “Next morning I had an early bus to go to another Colombian town. I said, half-jokingly, that if we want to continue the conversation, he could meet at the bus station and join me, and I wasn’t sure if he will come, but when I got to the terminal, Stefan was already there waiting. Our first date was a 10 hour long bus ride on one of the worst roads in Colombia, and we talked the entire time!”

She continued to share the story and said. “This could have been the end of the story, but we couldn’t stop texting and chatting over the next couple of days, and Stefan packed his backpack and took a 24 hour long bus ride to catch up with me in Quito, Ecuador.” Because when it’s love, distance is nothing but a variable. She also shared how there came several points in their journey where they thought they’d come at a crossroads, but they still manage to stick together and finally came to New York City, together.

As the lockdown was put into place, spending time together this time not travelling but cooped up together, they became even more sure of each other and decided to embark upon this new adventure of marriage together. Talking about their picture that has now gone viral and has given people like me a hope to have a shot at such true cinematic love, she said that they are, “surprised and humbled to see how much the photo resonated with people, maybe it was a welcome reminder that love prevails no matter what.”

Brb, crying.

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