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#Trending: This Man From Indore Was Arrested For Breaking Into Girl’s Homes And Cutting Up Their Underwear. WTF Even?

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Thre is no dearth of perverts in the world and no matter how much we express our displeasure and disgust, we are still baffled at the depths these people will fall to for sexual gratification. The thing is, this perverse behaviour comes in stages. It ranges from that over-friendly man on the road with the world’s most creepy smile just staring at you as you walk by to the man flashing women on the local train or the man masturbating right outside a woman’s house or the man that grabs woman’s thighs on traffic signals and then zooms off *shudders*. BTW, all real incidents. 

Every time I come across an incident like that, I think to myself what is the outcome those men expect? Do they think women like men who stare and leer at their boobs and thighs? If they do, I think they need some rigorous brainwashing preferably with real high-quality soap. 

Anyway, recently I came across an incident that just left me with a sickening feeling in my stomach. You see, in Indore, a 26-year-old man was arrested for sneaking into girl’s flats and houses where they were staying as paying guests and tearing their undergarments. Yep, people do weird and extremely perverted things to get off. 

The accused, identified as Shrikant would sneak in, break into the girl’s almirahs and tear their undergarments. And he would somehow always manage to escape. Tehzib Qazi, Vijay Nagar, police station in-charge said that they had received several complaints from girls. 

After the police received multiple complaints, they coordinated with the Nagar Suraksha Samiti and the security guards and deployed them around the apartments where Shrikant was likely to hit. 

Qazi said, “Different persons were asked to keep a close watch and take a stroll in these localities every night in search of the intruder.”

Finally, on Friday night a local person saw the accused and informed the police. Shrikant had broken into a house when four policemen found and arrested him. 

According to reports, he was wanted by the police in relation to another similar crime but was absconding. Shrikant used to work as a security guard and had been accused of theft and harassment in the past. 

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I just kept wondering what pleasure did he derive from tearing up women’s underwear? Is it a kink or some kind of fetish? Turns out, I was right. It is a fetish called underwear fetishism and it’s more common than we know. Yeah, right up there with golden showers on the list of weird fetishes. If you have watched Orange Is The New Black then you will know what I am talking about. Of course, having a kink doesn’t warrant someone to break into the homes of women and tearing up their underwear. Wow, it sounds weirder every time I say it. However, there is help available for fetishes like this one. 

There have been some incidents with men masturbating in front of women’s hostels and breaking in and even molesting the women, but this one was by far the creepiest one. You can play out all the fetishes you want on your own time with a woman who consents to them. Don’t go around breaking in and stealing underwear. 

I am so glad this creep is behind bars, that’s one less pervert on the streets. Why can’t men stop with this perverse behaviour? It’s beyond disgusting to think that probably every single woman has come across a pervert at some point or another in her life. There really should be courses for these men- How to control your sexual urges 101.

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