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#Trending: The Polish Government Is All Set To Walk Away From A Treaty That Combats Violence Against Women. This Is Such A Backward Move

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Hillary Clinton once said, “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights”. I think this quote is so powerful. However, in reality, human rights and women’s rights will never be considered the same. Do you know why? It’s because women are seen as a liability. Also, have you ever noticed how any woman talking about women’s rights is shushed, shunned or deemed as a “feminazi” and manhater? Somehow, the word feminist has turned into an insult. Sometimes, I feel like the world is ignoring or at least trying its hardest to ignore the problem of violence against women, gender inequality and everything else that we have been screaming about. And all this ignorance is going to blow up in our face one day. 

The women’s rights movement needs to be acknowledged and new laws that protect women in every aspect, need to be put in place. This is not only for India but for every single country on earth. Well, maybe not Finland since they seem to have it all figured out. Ah, Finland, my dream country. 

Anyway, if Finland is an example of what needs to be done, everything happening in Poland, on the contrary, is a brilliant example of what shouldn’t be done when it comes to women’s rights.  

You see, Poland will be taking steps to withdraw from a European treaty aimed at preventing violence against women. The right-winged government of Poland says the treaty, known as the Istanbul convention, violates parents’ rights by requiring schools to teach children about gender. 

Let’s just take a moment to process what we have just learned, shall we? At a time in history when the rate of violence against women is off the charts, Poland wants to withdraw from a treaty that prevents and tackles violence against women It covers everything- from marital rape to female genital mutilation. Oh yeah, that is a sound decision that makes complete sense. 

Poland’s Justice Minister, Zbigniew Ziobro said that on Monday, his ministry would submit a request to the labour and families ministry to begin the process of withdrawing from the Instanbul convention. 

On Saturday, Ziobro told a news conference that, “It contains elements of an ideological nature, which we consider harmful.” 

Yes, of course, it’s the prevention of violence against women that is harmful. Seriously, what kind of logic is that? It’s like saying, domestic violence is not harmful but the law that holds the abuser accountable is. It makes no sense. 

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The thing is, Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party and all its coalition partners closely associate themselves with the Catholic Church and promote a more conservative social agenda.  

The treaty was signed in 2012 and ratified in 2015 by the former centrist-government of Poland. Although at the time, Ziobro called it “an invention, a feminist creation aimed at justifying gay ideology”. 

Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s still the 1500s in Poland? 

The treaty was spearheaded by the Council of the continent’s oldest human rights organisation. Its secretary-general, Marija Pejčinović Burić has condemned Poland’s decision to withdraw from the treaty. 

In a statement on Sunday, she said.“Leaving the Istanbul convention would be highly regrettable and a major step backwards in the protection of women against violence in Europe,” Further adding, “If there are any misconceptions or misunderstandings about the convention, we are ready to clarify them in a constructive dialogue.” 

In an attempt to protest this decision to reject the treaty and the protection it offers women, around 2,000 people marched the streets of Warsaw and other cities of Poland on Friday.  There was also outrage from several members of the European Parliament. 

The Council of Europe emphasized that the aim of the Instanbul convention is to combat violence against women and the treaty does not explicitly mention same-sex marriages. 

However, the right-winged government says that the treaty is disrespectful towards religion and requires teaching liberal social policies in schools. 

The World Health Organization’s statistics say that the rate of violence against women has surged in Europe this year. Withdrawing from a treaty that protects the women and combats crimes like domestic violence, that are on the rise, is the worst, most backward idea ever. Women’s rights is not a “feminist thing”, it’s a necessity that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

So, authoritarian men all around the world seem to hate the idea of equality between men and women?

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