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#Trending: Taylor Ann Linko Is An Artist Whose Wedding Dress Went Viral For All The Right Reasons And She’s Now Started A Dress-Painting Business. We Are All For This

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Ever since I was in school when I knew that I wanted to do something creative with my life. Well actually, it had become clear that a creative career would suit me best considering my math and science scores were in the dumps. Although, I quickly realized that cracking it in an artistic field of work was not as easy as it seemed. You have to prove your mettle over and over again before anyone would even begin to take you seriously. It’s a lot of struggle. But if and when you make it, all the struggle, insecurities and hardships are all worth it. 

Forgive me if that sound like an introduction to career counselling. Although, after reading about this woman, I am sure a lot of you’ll will consider embarking on a more artistic career. 

Taylor Ann Linko, a designer and artist based in the USA, knew she wanted to be an artist when she was in elementary school. Back then, she would paint fruit baskets and sell them to her mother’s friends. Since then, it has been her life-long dream to be a full-time artist. 

Although, being a full-time artist is not an easy career because it’s a very difficult field to crack. After many years of hardship, struggles and failed attempts Taylor finally made it when her absolutely breath-taking wedding dress went viral. 

Known as the fire wedding dress, the gorgeous gown is something Katniss Everdeen would wear – it had a riot of colours. Although the story of how that dress came to be is as beautiful as the dress itself. 

Months before her wedding, Taylor decided that she would not be wearing a quintessential white wedding dress. She wanted to customize her wedding dress instead by painting it herself. Taylor went from store to store in search of a wedding dress and found the perfect dress “Savoy’s Bellezza”. 

After she got the dress, she began customizing it. That process was slow and it took her a week to even commit to the colour test of her actual dress. She then air-brushed those colours onto the dress. 

The outcome of her customization was stunning. It reflected her colourful personality and everyone at the wedding loved it. Well, you can see why. Months after she wore the dress on her wedding, it went viral. A UK based gossip-blog had featured her dress on their front page and people were going crazy. Even though they didn’t credit her, Taylor got recognised and her phone started blowing up with people requesting her to customise their wedding dresses. 

Taylor told Bored Panda, “The art of painting wedding dresses started when my dress went viral. I’ve always been a very colourful artist. So I got to experimenting and brainstorming how to incorporate my passion for art and colour into my wedding.” 

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Take a look at some of the other dresses she has painted:

Taylor’s dip-dyed dresses are going to change the whole white wedding dress game. Just look at these dresses, they are so stunning that I stalked her entire profile and already picked the one I want to wear the day I get married.

Which means I have already found the dress all I need is a groom. How hard can that be?

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