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#Trending: Sushmita Sen Refused To Sing The Suggestive Lyrics In Mehboob Mere And Forced Anu Malik To Rewrite Them. She’s A Woman With A Spine

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I think by now, we have already established that Bollywood back in the day was a testosterone-fuelled environment. The men had all the control and women just had to simply follow directions. Although I don’t know if you have noticed, there are some badass women out there that will stand up for what’s right no matter what. One such woman is and has always been, Sushmita Sen. 

Sushmita Sen is a powerhouse of beauty and talent. Even though we don’t see her on our screens as much as we would like to, for many of us, she’s one of our favourite actresses. The former Miss Universe is a beacon of positivity and living life on her own terms. 

And it seems like she was a bit of a trailblazer. You see, some new and very interesting information about Sushmita has come to light recently. Apparently, while shooting for her superhit song Mehboob Mere from the movie Fiza, she refused to actually shoot because a line in the song was a little too suggestive and obscene. 

In a recent interview with HuffPost, the choreographer of the song Ganesh Hegde said that Sushmita refused to lip-synch the song and ultimately, the composer Anu Malik (why am I not surprised?) had to rewrite the lyrics in question. 

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Ganesh said, “There was a line that went ‘aa garmi le mere seene se (come feel the heat of my bosom)’ and she refused to sing it. She said, ‘I won’t just do it’.’ Composer Anu Malik had to change the lines to ‘aa narmi le mere aankhon se (bask in the softness of my eyes)’.” 

He further added, “It was unheard of at that point of time, to command and extract that kind of respect.” 

Now, I don’t know about you’ll but for me, Mehboob Mere is one of those songs that every 90s kid knew the steps to. Of course, Sushmita looked drop-dead gorgeous but it’s her strong screen presence that just makes you unable to take your eyes off her. It’s no wonder that she was able to get the filmmakers to change the lyrics at a time when all a heroine was supposed to do was show up and look pretty. As I said, she has always stood up for what’s right. Even when it was not the norm. 

I am so glad, though, that the lyrics changed. What kind of a line is, “’aa garmi le mere seene se” anyway? Might as make it erotica and be done with it.   

In the same interview, talking about how Sushmita is very careful about how she projects herself on screen, Ganesh said, “But then, there is nothing usual about her. A lot of the dancing, especially the belly dancing moves, she did herself. There’s a trance-like feel to her dancing and in those sequences, I did not do anything. It was mostly her.” 

We have to agree, she took our breath away in that song. 

Sushmita is such a star!

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