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#Trending: Star Kids Are Being Compared To Commodes In This Twitter Thread. It’s Funny But Also Rude

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Kangana Ranaut’s harsh words after Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death reignited the age-old nepotism debate in Bollywood. For reasons unknown, everyone is blaming his suicide on Bollywood’s “gatekeepers”, “mean girls” and of course star kids. This insider v/s outsider fight took a horrible turn after Kangana spewed all kinds of accusations. Yes, nepotism is a serious problem Bollywood has been facing but for someone to stand on the shoulders of Sushant’s death and call out the people who she feels is wrong or has done her wrong is shameful and unacceptable. 

Anyway, unlike most stories which begin with us talking about the nepotism debate. this story is not about Kangana. It’s actually about how netizens are penalizing, persecuting and heavily trolling star kids in various seemingly harmless ways. Don’t get me wrong, I too stand for the ‘equal opportunities for everyone’ side of the debate. But are we really going to achieve that by trolling the actors who come from privileged backgrounds just because they do? 

While some of the actors have hit back with vicious burns shutting trolls down, most of them are just completely avoiding talking about nepotism and well, Kangana. I think it’s time we let this nepotism debate die out and not let anyone start it up again. It’s a hollow conversation. We have had all the discussions and done all the in-depth analysis there is to do on the topic. If there was a  viable solution, someone would have found it by now. 

However, we all know just how illogical and unforgiving the Twitterati can be sometimes. This time though, they took the trolling of star kids a little too far. A twitter user that goes by the name of, @Pun_nay, started a thread comparing all the star kids to commodes. Yep, he took the saying “shitty acting” a little too seriously. 

I know it sounds extremely cringy and a tad mean. And it is. But I found it really hilarious as well. Whoever this is, he has found commodes that match the outfits of each of these star kids perfectly. Kudos, for creativity.

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Take a look:

You have to admit this is funny. Yes, it’s very “shitty” thing to do but I think out of all the arguments I have heard against star kids, this one is the best one. Although, I think it’s time we take a step back from all the trolling. We are living through some of the worst times, why make it any worse for anyone?

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