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#Trending: Sonu Sood Gifts A Tractor To A Farmer After A Video Of His Daughters Ploughing A Field Went Viral. He Is A Real Hero

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We have all been affected by the coronavirus in some way or another. Although, in our own misery we often forget that there are people who are suffering way more than we are. Hundreds of people have been left homeless, unemployed, financially crushed driven into tremendous debt,  the list of tragedies goes on and on. And yes, we all want to help them out by donating either money or food and water. But how many of us actually do? Yes, a lot of celebrities have donated to the PM Cares Fund and to a lot more NGOs but there is one celebrity that has made it his mission to help as many people out as he can- Sonu Sood. We really should tear a page from his book. 

Sonu Sood was at the forefront, all ready to help the migrant workers when they were stranded in various cities. Through his Ghar Bhejo initiative, reports say he has helped almost 1200 migrant labourers reach home safely. But, his selfless acts of kindness did not end there. Since then, Sonu has seized every opportunity to help people in need that came to him. Who said all hero’s wear capes? 

Recently, in yet another amazing gesture to make this period easier on people, Sonu gifted a tractor to farmer from Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district. This came after a video of the farmer’s daughters ploughing the field went viral on social media. 

The farmer, Nageswara Rao said that Sonu was, “no less than a god” and a “hero in real life”. He told ANI, “He might play a villain in films but he is a hero in real life. When we heard the reports of him helping thousands of migrant workers to reach their native states, we thought he is a real hero. We experienced it now. He is no less than a God to us.” 

In the video, the Nageswara’s daughters Vennela and Chandana are seen ploughing a field with great difficulty. The family, struck by the lockdown, were struggling financially and did not have money to hire a tractor or get an ox to plough their field. 

Once the video went viral, Sonu tweeted the video and wrote, “This family doesn’t deserve a pair of ox. They deserve a tractor…So sending you one. By evening a tractor will be ploughing your fields. Stay blessed” 

After the video went viral, Sonu also said that the girls need to focus on their education which is why he sending the family a tractor. 

This is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for anyone. I really wish more people were as selfless and generous and Sonu. 

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The farmer, Nageswara used to run a tea stall in Madanapalle. He ran that stall for 20 years but the lockdown forced him out of business. He was left with no choice but to move back to his native village. 

The daughters said that they wanted to help the family out, which is why they decided to work on the farm. 

Vennela said, “We too wanted to do some agricultural work. But we had no much money. So all our family members are striving to do farm works. The matter went viral through media and social media. And Sonu Sood ji came to know about our plight. We thank him from our the bottom of our hearts.”

Sonu Sood is an inspiration. His efforts have made the lives of so many people better. It’s these kinds of examples that teach us that we should do whatever is in our power. Maybe we can’t buy someone a tractor, but even if we can feed one person who is in need of food, we would’ve done out part. Sonu teaches us that we need to use our privilege and fortunes to help the people that need it the most.

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