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#Trending: Popular Youtuber Uncle Roger Posts A Video Reviewing A Recipe For Egg Fried Rice And It’s All The Entertainment You Need

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Four months into this hellhole we are calling a lockdown and I am in that phase where I just don’t want to be productive. Now, instead of cleaning or catching up on my reading list, I am lying on my couch like a useless potato (okay sorry, all potatoes matter). And when I not busy trying to count the number of rotations my fan makes, I am aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and Twitter. Although, stalking people I hate and reading celebrity gossip has kind of lost its charm as well. It brings me no pleasure anymore. That doesn’t mean I am off social media, I live for memes, cute puppy videos, SNL sketches (ugh, they are just the best) and other bizarre super amusing content. But, mostly I survive on puppy and doggo videos. 

Just this morning, while I was doing my aimless scrolling thing, I came across a video that at first glance had something to do with egg fried rice. I thought it was just another bizarre food thing and I didn’t want to see people ruining a dish as delicious as egg fried rice. However, my meme gut (yes, I have seen so many memes now that I now have a meme gut) told me to watch it and thank god I did. 

You see, it was not a bizarre food combination. It was a review for BBC Food’s recipe video for egg fried rice posted by popular Youtuber Nigel NG a.k.a Uncle Roger. The title of the video is “Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video.” 

From the title itself, you can guess that Uncle Roger does not like the way the woman was cooking the egg fried rice. Now, a lot of netizens who have watched this review video, agree that the way that fried is cooked is terrible. However, more than the horrible fried rice recipe, I found Uncle Roger to be absolutely hilarious. 

Throughout the nearly 8 minute video, I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. Uncle Roger is so utterly disgusted by the way she cooks her rice and he passes the funniest comments. There is a part where the woman strains the cooked rice using a colander and Uncle Roger is losing his shit. This is what would happen if Gordon Ramsay started making comedy videos. 

Everything about this Youtuber is so hilarious, especially the way he says, “you’re killing woman, hiiyaa”. Also, we can all relate to his love for MSG, can’t we? Okay, you have to watch the video to know the context but I promise his animated reactions are worth wasting the 8 minutes of your life for. Also, he is right, the recipe is not very good.

Every since this video was shared, netizens are freaking out at the bizarre way the woman is cooking her fried rice. But it’s like I said, the beauty of this video is not the egg fried rice, but Uncle Roger himself. 

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Check out some of their reactions:

Uncle Roger is officially my new favourite Youtuber. Also, now I am craving egg fried rice *sigh*.

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