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#Trending : Police Officials In Chennai Convinced The Employers Of A Woman Recovered From Covid-19 To Give Her Her Job Back. We Think This Is Great

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While we may not see it as a passage of time, because it does feel like time has stood still, there were various stages we went through in the past few months to get to this mental state. From disbelief and dismissal of the reach of the virus to present day when a sense of fear has us gripped us and is keeping us indoors, one may say the curve was steep. Where once we doubted the existence of such a virus, now we are skeptical of it ever going out of existence, and that suspicion has in turn, taken a toll on us.

We’re so afraid to come in contact with anyone who might have the virus, that we don’t want to take chances (not this year, at least). And the ones suffering the most at this end have been the recovered patients of Covid-19 trying to get back to work.

As was the case with a woman from Chennai who even after getting the proper treatment and recovering from the virus, was finding it hard to get back to work in this world of corona skeptics. But where there are skeptics, there are also believers and helping her through this tough time, were police officials from Chennai, who helped the woman get her job back.

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DCP Adyar shared a tweet lauding Hari Kiran IPS and DCP T.Nagar for making the necessary efforts into convincing the woman’s employers of her health and getting her job back. He wrote, “I appreciate Hari Kiran IPS, DCP T.Nagar for his commitment in personally convincing the association members to provide employment to Radha amma, who was asked not to report even after recovering from corona.”

The IPS Association further shared a tweet that uncovered the entire story of Radha Amma and said, “Radha Amma (a sanitary worker) treated every home as her own but flat association members were hesitant to get her back after she beat COVID. Hari Kiran IPS, DCP T.Nagar convinced the members to provide employment to her.” Considering how this pandemic has hit everyone hard, especially economically and financially, it is great to know that the police is making efforts in the best interest of people like her.

Hopefully this will make people realise that being cautious is good, but being unfair to people is a different ball game altogether, one that is not appreciated.

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